MYSTERY WIRE A career intelligence officer named Lue Elizondo spent most of his life operating in the shadows to protect national security. Now he’s best known as the man who blew the whistle on a secret UFO study.

Luis Elizondo

WHO IS LUIS ELIZONDO? Read our dossier on his role in UFO investigations

Elizondo has been interviewed multiple times since leaving the Pentagon in 2017, and he’s taken lumps from critics who question whether he’s still working for the Defense Department, spreading disinformation.

In his longest, most in depth interview to date, Elizondo explained why it is imperitive that the goverment study these unexplained encounters, as reported by military eyewitnesses.

“They’re telling us they’re seeing something, that they don’t know what it is and we have to pay attention. which is backed up by electro-optical data, which is backed up by radar data, which is backed up by more and more layers. At some point you have to look.”

In this exclusive interview, Elizondo explained there wasn’t merely one secret UFO study, but at least two that were managed by the Pentagon.

Lue Elizondo — the full, unedited interview, exclusively on

Luis Elizondo


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