MYSTERY WIRE Is there a unified theory of weirdness? Something that ties together seemingly unrelated phenomena such as UFOs, psychic abilities, near-death experiences and more?

One man who says yes is retired U.S. Army Intelligence Col. John Alexander.

Alexander led Special Forces teams during the Vietnam conflict, later worked on classified Pentagon programs training psychic soldiers, and ran hi own UFO investigation for the military. In recent years he’s traveled the world, speaking with UFO witnesses, shamans and high ranking military personnel about their own encounters. Col. Alexander sees a common thread.

“Now one of the classic slides that I use in all of my presentations has to do with pictures of UFOs, psychokinesis, remote viewing, firewalking, even Sasquatch, cryptozoology and all of these,” Alexander says. “And it is my opinion that somehow these are interconnected through human consciousness, but in ways we do not understand.”

In a wide-ranging interview, Dr. Alexander shares some of the unusual phenomena he’s investigated, including UFO hotspots, Skinwalker Ranch, shamanic healings and more.

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