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MYSTERY WIRE — The world’s most popular podcaster, comedian Joe Rogan, has an on-again, off-again interest in the UFO mystery. Rogan is known as a tough interviewer, so when he invited George Knapp to appear on his show, we decided to document the road trip experience for

Joe Rogan gained fame as a sports commentator, television host, and stand up comic. Over the years he has filled showrooms and huge venues in Las Vegas and around the world. But his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, catapulted  him into a stratospheric level of celebrity.

His candid, often controversial interviews with the famous and infamous are heard and seen by millions each week.

After loading up ‘Shadowfax’ (the name George and photographer Matt Adams call this vehicle), the pair slipped down the Las Vegas strip and headed out across the Mojave Desert bound for southern California.

During the first stop for gas, they spotted a sign mentioning Area 51, It turned out to be a different kind of sign of the conversation to come.

While carefully driving through the desert, they studied some of the related podcasts where Rogan has talked with notable people in the world of UFOs. In the past Joe Rogan has spoken with Bob Lazar, former U.S. Navy pilot David Fravor (the pilot who chased the tic tac UFO), and rock star turned transparency crusader Tom DeLonge.

Knapp and Adams also stopped at Edwards Air Force Base to shoot video for a future project. Edwards AFB plays a large role in UFO mythology and has a distinct relationship with its more mysterious cousin in Nevada, Area 51.

Upon arriving in southern California closer to the coast, they unpacked and met up with filmmaker Jeremy Corbell.

Corbell is a veteran of the Rogan podcast who knows about its immense reach. He has been on the podcast with both Bob Lazar and David Fravor.

“Oh, it’s a megaton bomb,” Corbell told Knapp. “I mean, Joe Rogan talking about UFOs openly, fearlessly, and with sincerity … his curiosity wants to know the truth. It’s epic. It’s the largest podcast on planet earth. It has more views and shares than any other form of media. this is as big as it gets.”

Corbell has known Joe Rogan for several years. Both were interested in martial arts and even competed against each other. Rogan remains heavily involved in UFC events. Corbell has since made films about Bob Lazar and Skinwalker Ranch.

“Joe takes it very seriously. He just wants credible individuals. Credible information … Joe is using his platform to help us understand the topic.”

Jeremy Corbell, Filmmaker

In true form of the secretive topic of UFOs, the location of Rogan’s podcast studio is known only to a few people. Once Knapp and Adams were shown the way and arrived, Rogan wasted no time jumping into the heart of the matter.

For more than three hours the conversation dug into Bob Lazar’s controversial story, the strangeness of Skinwalker Ranch, and the recent history of once secret government UFO studies now being made public.

Rogan says he now believes Lazar’s story, but is unconvinced there is something happening at Skinwalker Ranch.

During the podcast, Knapp handed over two previously unreleased scientific papers written for a project overseen by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). You can see those papers along with dozens of other once secret documents on

George Knapp, Joe Rogan, and Jeremy Corbell meet to record a podcast. (Photo:

After more than three hours, the group posed for a photo with a prop inspired by the movie American Werewolf in London.

The episode was quietly released the following day and needed about 24 hours to reach one million views. Within four days it became the number one podcast episode in the world.

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