MYSTERY WIRE The infamous Bermuda Triangle has a landlocked cousin. Aviators refer to it as the “Nevada Triangle.”

It’s a vast, three-sided area of wilderness in California and Nevada where — by some estimates — as many as 2,000 planes have crashed in 60 years. Many of them have never been recovered.

The most famous crash involved famed aviator Steve Fossett, who vanished in 2007. His disappearance ignited a massive search that led to the discovery of more wrecks.

Scientists think treacherous winds are responsible for many of the plane crashes, but it’s more than just planes that vanish. It’s also people.

A former lawman says he’s identified geographic clusters within the triangle where people have essentially vanished into thin air.

“There’s no concrete one item that can say this is causing that,” according to author/investigator David Paulides. “And because of no tracks, no scent trail, no witnesses, we’ve had people say it’s got to be UFOs, it’s got to be reptilians, Bigfoot, it’s got to be this. In reality, I don’t think you can say it’s just one thing,”

Paulides says many of the disappearances simply defy explanation. He’s documented other similar clusters all across North America.

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