Rangers great Michael Young reflects on his glory days

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Two years ago the Texas Rangers made Michael Young the 20th player in the team’s Hall of Fame.

He remains the franchise leader in games played, hits, runs and several other stats.

Here’s an excerpt of a conversation with the Rangers great:

Tobin McDuff/@kfdxtobin:

Have you seen any players in the rangers system which remind yourself of you?

Michael Young/Rangers infielder (2000-2012):

“It’s tough to say. You know, I look at a kid like Drew Robinson. We’re both versatile coming up, around the same age coming up. Obviously he’s left-handed and I’m right handed. There are some differences, but that’s one that kind of sticks out. Apart from that, I hope nobody would be. The fun part of baseball is everyone’s themselves. There is definitely a development timetable and come from different places.

Tobin McDuff/@kfdxtobin:

Talk about what it was like at that time, the chemistry in the locker room at that time. 

Michael Young/Rangers infielder (2000-2012):

Yeah, it was a lot of fun. It was a situation where it took a while. We had a couple of rebuilding processes. The last one obviously took. We had some players back, and the young players developed and mixed into a situation where we sensed… It probably happened that year because we knew we were good.

Tobin McDuff/@kfdxtobin:

You spent so many years with the Texas Rangers, and then at the end of your career you went and put on a couple more uniforms. What is strange when you were suiting up for a different team?

Michael Young/Rangers infielder (2000-2012):

A little bit in the beginning, but part of being a player is you do it. You move on and you try to win games for teams you’re representing. I loved my time in Philadelphia. I did. We had a ton of talent. If you’d have caught that team five years before, it’d been dangerous. You know, we were all toward the end of our careers, but it was a fun place to play.

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