LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Tuesday is the day the Oakland City Council will vote on a proposal that they hope would keep the Athletics in Oakland.

8 News Now got a sneak peek at the proposal Friday. The mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaff loves it. The Oakland A’s do not.

Below is what the proposed $12 billion project would look like in the east bay — a new baseball stadium is just a part of it:

Oakland A’s President Dave Kavel says the plan released by Oakland would not work for the A’s.

He says, “we’re really far apart.”

One of the major sticking points on the project is the mayor wants the A’s to pay $400 million for affordable housing units in the area. The A’s say they cannot do that and still make the project work.

Also, the A’s say regulations in California are making it tough and they would not have the same restrictions in Nevada.

Recently, minority owner of the A’s Billy Beane visited Las Vegas Ballpark, and he really liked what he saw.

“I’ve got to be honest with you. The facilities here are better than we have in Oakland, I mean you know I mean it’s no secret that we’re trying to secure a new stadium,” said Beane. “We have an old stadium, but the facilities here, I mean, our guys get sent down to AAA, they are actually going up in terms of the playing of the stadium and so it’s really an amazing, amazing place.”

The A’s played an exhibition game at Las Vegas Ballpark a couple years ago. It is possible they could play there while a new stadium is being built in Las Vegas.

The A’s have looked at 20 potential sites here in town. Now, the key here, there is still no word who would pay the $1 billion it would take to build a retractable dome stadium in Las Vegas. 

Kaval says he is planning another trip to Las Vegas next week following the Tuesday vote by the city.

Next week, we could see the A’s ramp up their efforts for a new home.