LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Las Vegas landlord and her tenant disagreed on whether a rental home should be wheelchair accessible.

Kevin Tucker said that he has lived at the home for a few months and expected his landlord to install bars in the bathroom so that he could use both the toilet and shower. He said that his attempts to find a new rental have been unsuccessful.

“I’ve been looking everywhere, calling people,” Tucker said. “It’s hard.”

Tucker said that he has to go to a gas station located .2 miles from the home to use the bathroom.

“I’ve had an accident three times,” he said.

Michelle Lim-Bargo owns the home and declined an on-camera interview but answered questions over the phone.

She said that she is trying to evict Tucker because he has not paid rent.

Tucker admitted that he owed rent while the dispute over wheelchair accessibility continued.

He said that he secretly recorded Lim-Bargo and provided audio with the following clips:

Lim-Bargo: You said, oh Michelle when my mama gives me money, I’ll give you everything. And what, your mother gave you how much, and still you were not able to pay. I thought July you will be able to. If you do this to any other landlord, they would not tolerate this, but see, I’m the only one who’s doing this because I was considering you, your disability, your situation.

Tucker: I can’t even take a shower or use the toilet. I’ve been going to the gas station since I’ve been here for two months.

Lim-Bargo: Kevin, I did not force you to stay here.

Tucker: Right, but you also mentioned you were gonna install the bars in the bathroom and you never have.

Lim-Bargo: Okay, because you do you know what? Supposedly this is not for handicapped people…okay but I would not adjust the house to accommodate you guys. That’s why I’m telling you you have to strengthen yourself so you can do it. Okay but for me to go all out of my way for a handicapped, it’s not supposed to be what this house is for.

Lim-Bargo: To be honest with you. what I want are not handicapped people.

Tucker: That’s discriminatory though like I’m here.

Lim-Bargo: I know that. That’s why I accepted you. Did I ask you to leave?

The 8 News Now Investigators reached out to the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada which frequently assists in eviction cases. By law, a landlord is not required to initially have a wheelchair-accessible property, but a tenant can make a formal request for modifications. The tenant is responsible for the cost unless the landlord receives federal funding.

Lim-Bargo told the 8 News Now Investigators that she does not receive federal dollars for the property.

Lim-Bargo said that ten people live in the home. If a home is not a community residence, also known as a group home, no more than four unrelated individuals may reside together in a dwelling unit, according to a Clark County spokesperson who cited county code.