LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Lawyers looking to overturn the certification of Nevada’s election told a judge Thursday they had evidence of deceased individuals having voters cast in their names and that tens of thousands of living voters voted twice.

The lawsuit, filed by the campaign on behalf of the electors and the Trump campaign, seeks to prevent the Democratic Party’s electors from casting their votes for President-Elect Joe Biden. Last week, the Nevada Supreme Court and Gov. Steve Sisolak certified the election results, directing the Democratic Party’s electors to cast their six votes for Biden.

Judge James Russell did not enter his decision Thursday, saying he wanted to review all the evidence presented to him before making his decision. That decision could come Friday.

Jesse Binnall, the lawyer for the Trump campaign, told Russell that 1,506 votes cast in the election came from dead voters. He and the Nevada Republican Party also provided these allegations:

  • 2,468 votes by voters who changed their address to another state or country
  • 42,284 voters who voted twice
  • About 20,000 voters who voted in Nevada without a Nevada mailing address

The I-Team has found two instances of dead individuals having votes cast in their names. A list provided in previous court cases of voters who voted without a Nevada mailing address was found to contain students and military families who are legally allowed to vote in Nevada.

Binnall told the judge his argument focused on Nevada’s mail-in voting law, which allowed registrars to send ballots to every registered voter. Previous state lawsuits found no issue with the law.

In a tweet before the hearing began, the Nevada GOP posted a video of 20 binders, which they said contained evidence provided to the court. However, the binders were marked confidential, and the court clerk indicated they could not be disseminated Thursday. In court, the names of those deposed were redacted.

The evidence, which was not shown publicly, was partially obtained through DMV records, Binnall said, adding it was difficult to obtain other evidence in a short timeframe. In his opening statement, Binnall said one whistleblower saw Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria holding a Joe Biden pen.

Binnall also alleged Clark County failed to secure its voting machines, saying there was limited security when moving data off a machine and into the county’s system.

“In the dead of night, votes appeared and votes reappeared without explanation, and there is no good explanation,” Binnall said.

Citing the campaign’s evidence, Russell said there is no way to tell how a voter voted, questioning how the votes in question could have changed the outcome.

In his response, the lawyer for the Democrats said Binnall could not provide any concrete evidence. Kevin Hamilton said while Binnall provided numbers of voters as of his allegations, he could not provide any names.

“In a court of law, it’s evidence that counts, not tweets or social media bluster, not hearsay or speculation, it’s evidence and that’s what’s missing in the record before the court,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton also pointed out registrars from both the Democratic and Republican parties across the country use the same signature-verification machine as Clark County. He added the machine was used in Nevada’s June primary without any outcry.

“This election was unfortunately stolen,” Binnall said. “We cannot turn a blind eye with evidence like this. We cannot allow an election to be stolen.”

During the ballot canvassing process, Gloria told the Clark County Commission his office found more than 900 discrepancies across more than 2,000 precincts. Gloria stated that they had found the discrepancies in tracking, moving from signature to manual signature verifications, as well as in the ballot curing process. The office also found five people voted twice.

Several lawsuits on similar matters have been thrown out of court. Republicans had filed a similar lawsuit in November, but later dropped it.

This week, Attorney General Bill Barr, a Republican, said there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Biden won the election in Nevada by more than 33,000 votes statewide. Voter fraud is a felony and carries a fine and jail time.