LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The pipeline shut down by a gas leak in California provides 90% of the Las Vegas valley’s fuel needs. The line resumed operations Saturday afternoon, Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo said.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline stopped transporting fuel to southern Nevada following the discovery of the leak Thursday afternoon, documents the 8 News Now Investigators reviewed said. Clark County officials publicly announced the shutdown Friday afternoon, adding they believed there was an adequate supply of gasoline.

On Friday evening, Gov. Joe Lombardo and county officials issued states of emergency, calling for a waiver of transportation-related restrictions for gas suppliers.

A spill report filed with California officials said a person discovered the leak “from station piping in a hole in a manifold at an excavated site next to some valves” just before 4 p.m. Thursday in Long Beach.

A leak in a fuel pipeline facility in California forced a shutdown of deliveries of gasoline and diesel from the Los Angeles area east to areas including Las Vegas and Phoenix, but officials said Friday they believed supplies would not immediately be affected. (CBS)

The 560-mile Calnev pipeline comprises two parallel lines that run from southern California into the Las Vegas valley, a post on the company’s website said. The lines provide gasoline, diesel and jet fuel to storage facilities and terminals, Harry Reid International Airport and Nellis Air Force Base.

The larger of the two was the one that shut down, per a company spokesperson. It was unclear if the smaller pipeline could function in its place.

Gov. Joe Lombardo issued a state of emergency on Friday, Feb. 10, 2023. (Gov. Joe Lombardo/Twitter)

The filing said the area of the leak is above ground and did not affect groundwater. The leak was reported to be contained, per the filing.

A second pipeline from Utah provides the majority of the remaining fuel coming into southern Nevada.

Gas companies collect the fuel at terminals, adding additives you see advertised that make each company’s formula unique.

Lombardo warned of price gouging and deceptive trade practices during a state of emergency. Consumers who believe they’ve encountered “local price gouging” can contact the state attorney general‘s office, the tweet said.