NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (KLAS) — A Nevada state senator’s son, accused of shooting his cousin inside the mayoral candidate’s home last week, previously shot at a family member through a wall in the home in an unreported incident, documents the 8 News Now Investigators obtained on Monday said.

Democratic State Sen. Pat Spearman is a long-time representative for the area in Carson City and is running in the race to become North Las Vegas’ next mayor.

Police arrested her son, Naonche Osborne, 21, around 6:45 p.m. following the shooting at the home in the 4100 block of Erinbird Avenue, near Elkhorn Road and Decatur Boulevard. The home is listed in Spearman’s name.

Osborne was arrested on charges including attempted murder following a shooting at her North Las Vegas home on Thursday night, the 8 News Now Investigators first confirmed.

Police arrested Naonche Osborne, 21, on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022. (NLVPD/KLAS)

Osborne reportedly shot his cousin, David, in the home around 6:45 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 20, documents said.

Osborne ran away from the home and was later arrested about a mile away at a convenience store, police said. Osborne had told the clerk at the store that “he wanted to turn himself in,” police said.

The victim told police he and Osborne got into an argument at the home and he asked Naonche to stop smoking marijuana near his son, the report said. He reportedly accused Osborne of blowing smoke into a 5-year-old boy’s face.

The two men began pushing each other when, Osborne “pulled a gun from his waistband and fired one shot at [David and] then ran out of the house,” police said. Police note in the report that Osborne suffers from PTSD, which Spearman mentioned in a news conference about the incident Friday.

The report adds the victim and his family had prior issues with Osborne since March.

“This has included [Osborne] making multiple threats to shoot the family and [Osborne] actually discharging a round, which traveled through the wall and into [redacted’s] room while she slept,” police wrote in the report.

Police said the shooting was unreported until Thursday.

A search of Spearman’s home found a Glock semi-automatic handgun in Osborne’s closet, police said.

The victim was shot in his hip, which the bullet fractured.

A Nevada state senator and mayoral candidate’s son was arrested on charges including attempted murder following a shooting at her North Las Vegas home on Thursday night, the 8 News Now Investigators confirmed. (KLAS)

“This family tragedy is not about politics and it’s not about me,” Spearman said Friday. “This is a very difficult time for our family.”

Osborne previously faced charges of carrying a concealed explosive, firearm or other weapon, records showed. The case was dismissed after Osborne completed mental health treatment.

A judge had also ordered Osborne to forfeit a firearm. It was unclear Monday who owned the firearm in Thursday’s shooting.

Spearman has represented District 1 in the state senate since 2012. The district covers most of North Las Vegas. She is serving her third and final term in the Senate.