NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (KLAS) — A North Las Vegas man on house arrest allegedly stabbed a woman several times before telling her to cover it up and refusing to take her to the hospital, documents said.

North Las Vegas police arrested Eric Randolph, 51, on Sunday, April 9, on an attempted murder charge, documents the 8 News Now Investigators obtained said.

That day, officers spoke with a person at a hospital, who said she and Randolph were robbed at a park. Several hours later, the woman called police, saying Randolph had actually stabbed her, documents said.

The woman said “she was unable to tell the truth” because Randolph had allegedly threatened to kill her and another person if “she told the police that he did it,” officers said.

Officers learned the stabbing victim and Randolph were in a car earlier in the day, when Randolph allegedly stabbed her three times, documents said. The victim and Randolph then went into a house to tend to her stab wounds, police said.

“For about two hours, [Randolph] only allowed her to use his shirt and the bathroom to give her first aid,” police said. At one point, Randolph suggested he stab himself to make the story about being “stabbed at the park while being robbed… more believable,” police said.

The woman eventually received professional care at the hospital.

Police later confirmed Randolph was on house arrest on a charge of battery with the use of a deadly weapon and prohibited person in possession of a firearm, documents said. Records showed the case, stemming from a 2021 incident, resulted in a deadlocked jury during a trial last year.

District Court Judge Bita Yeager deemed Randolph a “danger to society” during a hearing on April 11, records showed. He was ordered to remain in custody at the North Las Vegas jail without bail.

The location of the April 9 stabbing was redacted in court documents.