LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Henderson City Councilwoman said the appointment of a new police chief there will stop the drop in morale – as well as the declining number of officers – in that department.

Carrie Cox Ward III councilwoman said that Hollie Chadwick – currently a deputy chief with 21 years of experience – brings much-needed experience and institutional knowledge to a department that has seen its last two chiefs leave under less-than-ideal circumstances.

The previous chief – Thedrick Andres – announced his so-called retirement effective Feb. 28, but is a finalist for a chief position in Victoria, TX, according to that city’s website. Two police unions had issued votes of no confidence against Andres in the months leading up to his departure.

Former Henderson Police Chief Thedrick Andres. (KLAS – file photo)

The chief before that – LaTesha Watson – is no longer a police officer after being fired by the City of Henderson. Watson is now suing the city for, among other things, racial discrimination and a hostile work environment. Court documents allege that Watson complained to her superiors in Henderson of mistreatment on multiple occasions, but those complaints were ignored. Often, the court pleadings reveal, far more trivial complaints by other employees were investigated by law firms paid for by the city. But none of Watson’s complaints ever made it that far.

Chadwick was on the force during both of their tenures, and Cox indicated that it was a boost for the department that it chose one of its own to take the helm in Henderson.

“I believe that Chief Chadwick will build the morale,” Cox said. “She’s a person that definitely gets involved with her officers and has already been doing a bang-up job as deputy chief.”

The City of Henderson tweeted the news about Chadwick’s promotion to chief Monday afternoon. According to the city, she has held several leadership positions “including sergeant of the patrol and problem-solving group, lieutenant overseeing SWAT & more.”

The post said Chadwick graduated from the FBI National Academy and holds a doctorate in public service leadership from Capella University. Additionally, she earned a dual bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Chadwick is scheduled to take the oath of office on Tuesday, May 2.