LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Nevada State Contractors Board repealed the suspension of a Las Vegas solar installer, instead placing them on probation for 30 days.

Administrative Judge Noah Allison told two hearing rooms involved in Tuesday’s board meeting – one in Reno and one in Las Vegas – that Titan Solar of Nevada has 30 days to deal with at least 21 homeowner complaints.

“They’re under probation from the contractor’s board at this point and I can tell you that if you do not get … if you are not responded to in a timely and appropriate fashion … and that doesn’t occur as we’ve been hearing, I expect to see you here in 30 days and if you tell me that, there’s going to be some consequences for this contractor,” Allison told a homeowner in Reno, who said at the hearing that he had spent over $40,000 with unsatisfactory results.

As an administrative law judge, Allison can’t make Titan Solar do anything, but he does have the power to revoke or suspend their license, or to impose fines.

Most complaints allege that Titan did not install panels correctly or that the panels do not work well or do not work at all.

Titan’s statement, delivered through a spokeswoman, reads:

“Over the past three years during which time the 21 NSCB Complaints had occurred, Titan had entered into over 11,000 contracts with over 99.8% satisfied customers.  Titan prides itself on providing excellence. Our employees strive for 100% satisfaction and our entire staff is intentional with finding customer resolutions if it is discovered that there has been an issue. Titan is satisfied with the NSCB Board ruling today. The previous suspension had forced thousands of Titan homeowner projects, both completed and in progress, to be in limbo. We are happy that the revocation of the suspension will allow us to work swiftly on behalf of all of our Nevada customers.”

The 8 News Now Investigators have covered two stories in recent months regarding Titan. In one, Titan installed solar panels in the shade, and they did not work properly. In the other, a homeowner’s electric bills were considerably higher than promised because installers provided them with the wrong number of panels. Titan replaced and repositioned the homeowner’s panels in the first case, and agreed to install new panels for the second homeowner at no charge them.