HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman accused of her seventh DUI pleaded guilty last week and entered a felony DUI court program for treatment, records showed.

Marion Reyes-Rivero, 35, first appeared in Henderson Justice Court on Oct. 18 for what records show was her seventh DUI charge since 2007, the 8 News Now Investigators first reported. The Nevada DMV revoked her license most recently in June 2022.

A criminal records check for police agencies in southern Nevada revealed Reyes-Rivero has been arrested 21 times, including re-bookings ahead of jail appearances. Reyes-Rivero was previously arrested on DUI charges in April 2007, September 2010, April 2019, February 2020 and July 2020, documents said.

In August, Clark County School District police arrested Reyes-Rivero on a DUI charge hours after Reyes-Rivero was in court closing out a separate DUI case, records showed.

Booking photos for Marion Reyes-Rivero’s arrest in August and her arrest in October. As part of a plea agreement, both charges will be dropped if she completes court-ordered treatment. (LVMPD/HPD/KLAS)

In that case, a police officer stopped Reyes-Rivero for speeding near Windmill Lane and Bermuda Road. During that arrest, Reyes-Rivero did not have a license and lied about her identification, police said. Documents indicated the Nevada DMV had revoked Reyes-Rivero’s license in 2020. The exact date of revocation remained unclear.

On Thursday, Oct. 13, Henderson police arrested Reyes-Rivero after officers said she stopped her car in the middle of two travel lanes on Warm Springs Road near Green Valley Parkway, documents said.

Reyes-Rivero agreed to a plea deal last week, where prosecutors would dismiss two DUI charges, documents said. Under the agreement, Reyes-Rivero would have to enter a treatment program or go to prison. If she receives a new DUI charge, Reyes-Rivero would be sent to prison, records said.

The felony DUI court program will last at least three years, records showed. A judge accepted Reyes-Rivero’s entry into the program on Tuesday, records showed.

As part of her release plan, Reyes-Rivero must serve at least six months of home confinement and must have a device on her car, preventing her from driving impaired.

If she completes the treatment program, the court will amend her charge to DUI second offense.

Judge Stephen George, who took over the case in November, set bail at $5,000. Prosecutors argued Marion Reyes-Rivero to be held on $50,000 bail, citing her previous arrests. (KLAS)

The August and October arrests bring the total to seven DUI accusations, including at least two convictions. Nevada law resets non-felony DUIs to zero after 7 years of a clean record.

It was not until Monday, Nov. 21, several weeks after her Oct. 13 arrest, that Judge Stephen George, who took over the case, set bail at $5,000. Prosecutors argued Reyes-Rivero to be held on $50,000 bail, citing her previous arrests.

Reyes-Rivero remained in custody at the Clark County Detention Center as of Wednesday.