LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas mother with seven DUIs on her record will serve at least two years in prison, a place she told the 8 News Now Investigators she wanted to go.

Marion Reyes, a mother of four, first appeared in Henderson Justice Court on Oct. 18 for what records show was her seventh DUI charge since 2007, the 8 News Now Investigators first reported. Five days earlier, on Thursday, Oct. 13, Henderson police arrested Reyes after officers said she stopped her car in the middle of two travel lanes on Warm Springs Road near Green Valley Parkway, documents said.

In court Wednesday, District Court Judge Tierra Jones sentenced Reyes to 2-6 years in prison with credit for about seven months served.

“Your Honor, I would like to apologize to the community and to yourself for putting — their lives and their loves ones’ lives in danger,” Reyes told Jones. “I acknowledge that my choices were extremely selfish and I’m incredibly sorry.”

Jones, citing an epidemic of DUIs in the Las Vegas valley, said Reyes is lucky she didn’t kill anyone.

“It’s very lucky for you that no one was hurt in any of these incidents but it’s not due to the fact that you weren’t continuing this behavior,” Jones said. “It’s just due to blessings of all of these other people.”

The Nevada DMV revoked Reyes’ license most recently in June 2022. In August, Clark County School District police arrested Reyes on a DUI charge hours after Reyes was in court closing out a separate DUI case, records showed. Reyes was previously arrested on DUI charges in April 2007, September 2010, April 2019, February 2020, and July 2020, totaling seven, documents said. Reyes refuted the number, saying it is six arrests.

Prosecutors noted Reyes’ seven DUI charges in court. Reyes’ public defender noted media coverage surrounding his client’s case, adding a custody battle led to Reyes’ having depression and anxiety.

It was not for several weeks after her arrest that a judge set bail at $5,000. Prosecutors argued Marion Rivero be held on $50,000 bail, citing her previous arrests. (KLAS)

Reyes agreed to a plea deal earlier this year, which dropped two of three-recent DUI charges and forced her into a treatment program. Reyes said conditions of living at the sober house included not seeing her four children and wearing an alcohol-monitoring bracelet.

The sober facility cited Reyes for two infractions, sending her to see a judge who then put Reyes in jail for two days, Reyes said. At the jail, a corrections officer removed her court-issued alcohol-monitoring bracelet, Reyes said. When the jail released her, the bracelet was not returned to her ankle, Reyes said.

Reyes missed a court appearance on May 4 and a judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest. Police then issued an alert last Thursday for Reyes’ arrest.

“They did remove it. It never died,” Reyes previously told the 8 News Now Investigators from jail. “That’s false. It never died.”

Reyes said she chose to quit the program and go to jail to see her children.

“The fact that I wasn’t able to see my children, at all, is what was the problem for me,” she said.

Reyes said she hopes to complete her prison sentence and then move. She said she hoped to stay sober for her family.

“Las Vegas obviously is just not the place for me,” she previously said. “I am remorseful and that I am sorry and that I am thankful every single day that this turned out the way it did, and it didn’t turn out with somebody’s loved one or myself being six feet under.”

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