LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Police arrested a Las Vegas man convicted of nine DUIs on a new charge Monday — bringing the total to 10, records the 8 News Now Investigators obtained said.

John Grant, 62, faces new charges of DUI with a prior felony DUI, drug possession and owning a gun by a prohibited person, court records showed.

On Monday, May 1, around 11:45 p.m., an officer responded to the crash near Owens Avenue and H Street in the Historic Westside, police said. The officer wrote he “heard a loud noise.”

The officer said the motorcycle rider, later identified as Grant, was “attempting to stand up but [was] struggling to keep his balance.”

Grant told the officer “he had slipped while riding his motorcycle due to oil in the roadway,” but the officer noted he did not see any oil or any liquid in the area, documents said.

Documents the 8 News Now Investigators obtained show Grant was arrested for DUI in April 1998, December 1998, October 2000, April 2004, June 2004, July 2008, November 2008, December 2008 and January 2012. Court records show convictions for each arrest.

In April 2004, Grant was arrested for driving under the influence with “a glass with ice, which had the odor of an alcoholic beverage, in the front, middle console of the vehicle where Grant was seated,” a Las Vegas Metro police officer wrote in court documents. His license was also revoked.

In November 2008, Grant was driving under the influence with no license and an open 24-ounce beer in his car, documents said.

In December 2008, Grant hit another car while driving impaired in North Las Vegas, documents the 8 News Now Investigators reviewed said.

In his last 2012 DUI case, a judge sentenced Grant to a minimum of two years in prison, records showed. She also ordered him to have an interlock device installed on his vehicle for at least a year.

The motorcycle Grant was riding on Monday was registered in his name with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, records showed.

Officers also found a glass pipe, commonly used to smoke crack cocaine, in Grant’s pocket, they said. Police also found crack cocaine and methamphetamine in a saddle bag, they said.

During his initial court appearance Tuesday, Judge Rebecca Saxe set Grant’s bail at $100,000, records showed. Saxe ordered Grant not to drive if he makes bail.

Nevada law states defendants convicted of felony DUI, meaning they have had at least three prior DUIs in a span of seven years, must surrender their license for three years.

It was unclear if Grant’s license was revoked indefinitely. His license was first revoked in 1992, records showed.

“DUIs and other traffic offenses are reported to insurance companies and most employers for three years, to other state DMVs for ten years and to law enforcement and courts indefinitely,” a note on the DMV’s website said. “A revoked driver’s license that is not reinstated will remain revoked indefinitely. You will not be able to obtain a license in any other state.”

No Nevada law denies a person from registering a vehicle even if their license is revoked or suspended, a DMV spokesperson said Thursday.