LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Opening what should be about three weeks of testimony and legal battle Friday, prosecutors in Clark County’s Eighth Judicial District Court told a jury that the man known as the ‘Black Widower’ tried to plan the perfect crime and failed.

Thomas Randolph faces two murder charges and a conspiracy charge for the 2008 murder of his wife, Sharon Clausse, and their purported handyman, who the county’s attorneys say shot Clausse in her North Las Vegas home, only to then be shot by Randolph in order to cover up his scheme.

“At the end of the day, the defendant’s story doesn’t add up,” prosecutor Christopher Hamner said. “At the conclusion of this trial, we will ask you to find that man guilty.”

Thomas Randolph faces two murder charges and a conspiracy charge for the 2008 murder of his wife, Sharon Clausse, and their purported handyman. (KLAS)

Randolph was convicted in 2017 on these same charges, but the Nevada Supreme Court ordered he be tried a second time.

Prosecutors in the original trial introduced evidence that Randolph hired the hitman – Michael Miller – to kill his wife in 2008 before fatally shooting Miller by first telling jurors about the 1986 death of Randolph’s second wife, Becky Gault, in Utah.

Prosecutors say Thomas Randolph conspired with his friend and purported handyman Michael Miller to have him kill his wife Sharon Randolph in 2008. (KLAS)

The justices wrote that the jury should not have heard evidence about the 1986 death of his former wife Becky Randolph.

After the 2008 murders, police tracked Randolph down in Utah in 2009 and arrested him.

A jury convicted Randolph in the first trial, sent to death row and now sits at Clark County Detention Center during the retrial.

Randolph wanted to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from an insurance claim, prosecutors say.

They say he took his wife home early from a pre-Mother’s-Day date night, just in time for her to catch Miller robbing the marital home.

The crime scene in 2008, where Sharon Randolph and Michael Miller were found shot to death in Randolph’s northwest Las Vegas home. (KLAS)

Clausse’s daughter, Colleen Beyer, testified for several hours Friday after both prosecutors and Randolph’s attorneys made their opening statements to the jury.

8 News Now Investigator Kyle Paine spoke exclusively with Colleen Beyer who testified on Friday in the retrial of Thomas Randolph. Beyer and prosecutors say Randolph is responsible for her mother Sharon Clausse’s death. (KLAS)

Defense attorneys attempted to portray — and to have Beyer acknowledge – Randolph as a caring family and quasi-grandfather to her children.

After the trial Beyer, speaking exclusively with the 8 News Now Investigators, called Randolph a “career predator” and a “liar,” saying that he fully intended to murder her mother when he married her.

Choking back tears, Beyer said, “I dislike him greatly. I don’t trust him. I think he is a con artist and this is how he makes a living. This is his practice and what he does to women.”

Beyer, no doubt, is referring to her mother being Randolph’s sixth wife. Four of those wives are dead.