LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A judge ordered that a drug trafficking charge against Nathan Chasing Horse will be dropped while 18 charges related to sex crimes will remain, according to an order obtained by the 8 News Now Investigators.

The “Dances with Wolves” actor is accused of victimizing indigenous girls and women for at least two decades in multiple locations throughout the United States and Canada while he traveled for various ceremonies and claimed that he was a “Medicine Man.” He is also the head of an alleged cult known as “The Circle,” according to Las Vegas Metro Police.

Chasing Horse, 46, was arrested at his North Las Vegas home where he lived with several wives on Jan. 31. Las Vegas Metro police reported seizing a significant amount of magic mushrooms.

On Feb. 22, Chasing Horse was indicted for a total of 19 counts. This included 10 counts of sexual assault against a minor under the age of 16, six counts of sexual assault, along with open and gross lewdness, first-degree kidnapping of a minor, and trafficking in a controlled substance.

Clark County District Court Judge Carli Kierny wrote in a six-page order that there was no testimony at all about who lived in the home.

“Nor was there any evidence connecting the defendant to the mushrooms, as opposed to another person who resided in that home,” Kierny wrote. “For that reason, Count 19 is hereby dismissed.”

Clark County Public Defender Kristy Holston had argued that all of the charges against Chasing Horse should be tossed out. Holston claimed that the alleged sex assaults were “transactional sex” and that there was a lack of “non-consent” from the two alleged victims of sexual assault.

“Sex for transactional purpose is not sex assault,” Holston said. In reference to one alleged victim, she added “She chose to have sex in exchange for something.”

Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Stacy Kollins said that she was “offended” by Holston’s claims of “transactional sex” and a lack of non-consent.

“She’s taken there at 14 because her mom is ill and told that her virginity is the only pure part of her left and she has to sacrifice this to maintain her mom’s health,” Kollins said as she argued for the charges to remain.

Judge Kierny wrote in the order, “The Court agrees with the state’s interpretation on this issue and denies the Defendant’s request for relief on this ground.”

Chasing Horse faces federal charges along with warrants in Montana and Canada. He also has previously been banned from several Native American reservations.

Chasing Horse previously invoked his right to a speedy trial. He is currently being held in the Clark County Detention Center in downtown Las Vegas. His bail was set at $300,000. He is expected to be back in court on Wednesday.

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