LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A maintenance employee at the Las Vegas Four Seasons Hotel is suing the company and former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen following a reported attack in 2021, documents said.

On Dec. 18, 2021, Sonnen assaulted a couple visiting Las Vegas and four other people, including the employee inside the hotel, Las Vegas Metro police said.

Joshua Olds, who filed the civil lawsuit, claims Sonnen punched him in the jaw, leaving him “in imminent fear for his health, safety and welfare,” documents said.

“Plaintiff Joshua Olds was severely beaten about his face and person causing serious injuries,” the lawsuit said, citing claims of assault, battery and negligence.

Sonnen was initially charged with 10 counts of battery and one count of battery by strangulation. Those charges were dropped to six misdemeanor battery charges in March. As of Friday, Sonnen’s charges were reduced to four battery charges.

Julie and Christopher Stellpflug, who also filed a civil lawsuit, told police that Sonnen attacked them while they were walking to their hotel room, leaving Christopher with marks around his neck, Julie with a split lip, and both with concussions, documents said.

Sonnen later told police that he had taken an Ambien earlier that day and did not remember what happened. He was not taken to jail following the incident.

Chael Sonnen reacts after winning the fight with a tap out by guillotine choke against Mauricio Rua in their light heavyweight bout at TD Garden on August 17, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Police told the 8 News Now Investigators that Sonnen was only cited at the scene because it was a misdemeanor battery that did not occur in police presence.

It was unclear on which counts Sonnen was charged for as of Friday as the court redacted victims’ names in court documents. The original 10 counts of battery involved five separate people.

A bench trial in Sonnen’s criminal case was scheduled for April. Both civil cases requested jury trials.