LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Paramedics administered Narcan to a woman accused of driving under the influence in what records showed was her sixth such allegation, documents the 8 News Now Investigators obtained said.

Trisha Bogdan, who also uses the last name Bohac, faces charges of felony DUI and failing to maintain her lane, documents said. Narcan is the brand name for naloxone, an overdose-reversal drug.

On Sunday, March 26, Metro police officers responded to a collision at Nellis Boulevard and Steward Avenue.

“Upon making contact with EMS, they stated that [Bogdan] was the driver and was not making sense while talking,” officers wrote in an arrest report. “Bogdan was falling asleep while talking to medical and had to be woken up.”

A responding officer could not complete a field sobriety test as Bogdan could not stand up by herself, police said.

The arrest report noted prior arrests for Bogdan for DUI in 2010, 2014, 2015 and in March 2022, documents said. Court records showed a second DUI arrest in 2010, but it was unclear why that case did not appear in the officer’s report.

In the 2015 case, which police in that report noted was her fourth DUI-related charge, Bodgan, driving with a revoked license, crashed into another vehicle on Charleston Boulevard under Interstate 515, documents said. A witness said Bodgan tried to drive off after the crash, documents said.

Bogdan pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and was placed in the felony DUI program, documents said. She was then given probation, sentenced to six months of house arrest and ordered to have an ignition interlock device on her car.

The terms of that case expired in 2019, records showed.

Court proceedings for Bogdan’s 2022 DUI charge remained underway as prosecutors charged her with the new DUI charge connected to the March 26 crash, records showed. In the 2022 case, Judge Amy Ferreira had ordered Bogdan not to consume alcohol pending trial. Bodgan was not required to bail any monetary bail, records showed.

In court this week, Judge Rebecca Saxe released Bodgan without having to pay bail as prosecutors had not filed a criminal complaint, records showed. Saxe ordered Bodgan not to consume alcohol and to stay out of trouble, records showed.

Bogdan was due in court on April 10. An attorney for her was not listed.