LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Republican candidate for public administrator in Clark County is accused of driving under the influence, according to documents the 8 News Now I-Team obtained.

Patsy Brown faces one charge for DUI and a second charge related to driving with no headlights on, according to court records.

Brown was driving with a red Solo cup of alcohol and an open bottle of vodka in her car when she was stopped by Las Vegas Metro police, according to the documents the I-Team obtained.

An impaired driving report notes the Nevada political candidate was driving a Kia Sorento with an Arizona license plate during the traffic stop near Alta and Vista Run drives just after midnight on Aug. 26.

Brown told police she was headed home from a friend’s house where she had a beer, according to the officer’s report. She also stated that she was going through a hard time because her father just died, the report noted.

Brown was taken to the Las Vegas city jail where she refused to give a blood test until she talked with her husband, according to the report. Police said a search warrant for a blood test was then obtained, and Brown was booked into the jail. 

The I-Team reached out to Brown. Her campaign manager sent a copy of a letter addressed to friends from Brown with a campaign logo. Brown explained that she recently learned of her father’s death due to cancer and then “began silently dealing with depression and various emotions.”  She wrote that she “…intended to drive to a nearby store that is a few blocks away from my home to buy medicine for my headache.” She also claimed that her headlights were dim, that the officer tested her blood which revealed a blood alcohol level higher than the legal limit from drinking earlier in the day and that he was obligated to arrest her, and that she cooperated.

There is no mention of alcohol in the letter, which police said they found in the car, nor a refusal to provide a blood test.

“I look forward to my day in court to present information that will shed light on this incident and absolve me of any perceived wrongdoing,” Brown wrote in the letter. 

Brown also apologized, thanked members of law enforcement and stated that she realizes grief counseling can help her cope with the passing of her father. She also encouraged others to seek help if they are struggling with mental health issues. 

Brown was released from custody. Her next court appearance is set for Jan. 3.

Brown is expected to face Democratic candidate Rita Page Reid and nonpartisan candidate Tabatha Aldabbagh in November.