LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman is accused of threatening a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer with death and slipping out of handcuffs twice during a recent arrest, documents stated.

Police said officers arrested Ashton Cabrales, 24, at an apartment on Algonquin Drive near Flamingo Road and Maryland Parkway around 3 a.m. Monday.

An officer put Cabrales into handcuffs and into his patrol vehicle, but she was able to get out of the handcuffs and attempted to break a window, the report stated.

Cabrales was taken out of the vehicle and the handcuffs were put back on. During the process, Cabrales is accused of resisting the officer and a sergeant who was assisting, kicking and spitting at them, the report stated.

The two officers placed Cabrales in the patrol car a second time. Soon after, she again slipped out of a handcuff, police said.

While officers tried to re-handcuff her for a third time, Cabrales is accused of yelling racial slurs, telling one officer she “was going to find his house and kill him and his family,” the report said.

“She also stated that she can’t wait for the judge to release her after court so she could get the best of him,” the report stated.

While on the way to the Clark County Detention Center, Cabrales is accused of slamming her head against the partition in the cruiser, causing injuries to her face.

At the jail, nurses informed police Cabrales would need to be taken to the hospital due to her injuries. On her way to the hospital, Cabrales continued to slam her face against the glass, the report stated.

Cabrales faces charges of battery on a protected person, intimidating a public officer, resisting a public officer, battery and domestic battery. She was being held Friday without bail.