LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — President Donald Trump has continued to make claims about voter fraud, even saying the election would be stolen in Nevada.

As the I-Team has been reporting, election officials and leaders in law enforcement tell us it is not widespread, and it is rare. But if they receive credible allegations, they will investigate them.

8 News Now spoke with Deputy Secretary of State for Elections Wayne Thorley on Wednesday and asked him about voter fraud. Leading up to the election, we talked with both the FBI and the US Postal Inspection about it.

Here’s what they told the I-Team:

“No. No evidence whatsoever of coordinated, widespread voter fraud,” said Thorley. “We have received a handful of complaints and allegations, and they’re just allegations at this point, unproven, that we’re looking into. But no, no evidence of voter fraud.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s widespread,” said Aaron Rouse, FBI special agent in charge. “I would say that we get reports every year, every election cycle of potential voter fraud situations, and we investigate them thoroughly. And we hold the people, if it’s proven, then we hold them accountable through the US Attorney’s Office.

“As of right now, I am unaware of any credible reports of any voter fraud being committed through the mail,” added Trevor Hudson, US postal inspector.

On Wednesday, when we asked Thorley to specify a number of how many voter fraud allegations were being investigated, he said less than 10.

There are also concerns about how to confirm your mail ballot was received. You can check on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website or BallotTrax.

If you mailed in your ballot, as we’ve been reporting, it may not have been counted yet.