LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Some Southern Nevada residents are using millions of gallons of water a year landing them on a list of top users. It’s a story the I-Team first broke Thursday

A lot of that water is being used on grass.

Now, the I-Team shows you what’s being done about it.

The I-Team obtained lists of the top residential water users in the Las Vegas valley. Many of them are big names in some of the wealthiest zip codes.

“When you look at some of our highest water users here in Southern Nevada, in one single month, they use the same amount of water that your average Las Vegas home uses in a year,” said Bronson Mack of the Las Vegas Valley Water District. “Southern Nevada has been experiencing a drought for about 20 years now.”

While the west faces a water crisis, residents are urged to conserve water.

Mack says 100% of the water used indoors gets recycled, treated and reused.

Outdoors it is only used once. That’s why there is such an effort — including a rebate offered — to replace grass with artificial turf, rocks or another alternative.

“Any little project to big project, any of them, it helps a lot.  A serious amount,” said Zach Gehner, owner of US Turf.

The I-Team was given access to one of the homes on the top water users list in the valley. Right now, there’s a project underway to remove all of the grass and replace the majority of it with artificial grass.

Gehner asked us not to identify his client and where he lives but he tells us in the backyard alone, about a million gallons of water were used a year.

Zach Gehner: “They’re cutting it down exponentially.”

Vanessa Murphy: “Do you think that this project will get this customer off the top users list?”

ZG: “Oh yeah, easily. Yes.”

He says demand for artificial turf is up.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with more residents teleworking, they can oversee a landscaping project at their homes.

Cost savings is a big motivation, too.

 “It’s going to save you a lot of money in the long run,” Gehner said.

“I would say the majority of people are doing it because of that but then you have those good people in the world that are trying to save water as well too,” added Zachary Ganey, co-owner of US Turf.

US Turf tells the I-Team per square foot, they charge about $6 to $8 for grass removal, installation and turf. The rebate offers $3 per square foot.

For more information on the rebate, CLICK HERE.