LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A teenage girl and her boyfriend, accused of killing her father, are seen on camera making out on a train minutes before they are taken into custody, videos obtained by the I-Team show.

In April, Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero killed Sierra’s father, 45-year-old Daniel Halseth and tried to dismember and burn his body, investigators said. Police arrested the teenagers in Salt Lake City a few days after Daniel Halseth’s body was found.

Videos released Thursday show the teenagers kissing on a Salt Lake City light rail train on April 13. Police are seen boarding the train and speaking with passengers before questioning Halseth and Guerrero and removing them.

A Metro homicide detective told a grand jury that transit authority police in Salt Lake City stopped and detained the duo. The pair had bought a train ticket, which led police to them, the detective said.

In the new videos, Sierra Halseth and Guerrero are wearing the same clothes as in a video they are accused of posting on YouTube after the murder.

“Welcome back to our YouTube channel … Day 3 after murdering somebody …,” Guerrero says into the camera in a cell phone video.

“Whoa! Don’t put that on camera,” Sierra Halseth says.

Police said before the murder, the teenagers’ parents had told them they couldn’t see each other anymore. The teenagers had planned on running away together to California.

Daniel Halseth’s car was found in a town an hour-and-a-half outside of Salt Lake City, police said.

Sierra Halseth and Guerrero face charges of murder with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder, first-degree arson, four counts of credit card fraud, conspiracy to commit robbery, and robbery with a deadly weapon. Both teenagers entered not guilty pleas in June.

Daniel Halseth (KLAS)

The teenagers’ next court date is set for August.  

In Nevada, if an individual age 16 or older is charged with murder, they are charged as an adult. That is why Sierra Halseth is in the adult system.