LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Some Residents at the Apex Apartments say they’ve received seven-day notices from the owners to pay rent or leave.

The owners are operating without a license and the 8 News Now I-Team learned that even with a property like this, technically residents could be evicted.

Tenants typically have two options: file a notice in court so a hearing is set, or pay the rent. As the I-Team first reported in August, California-based Pro-Residential services bought the property in January of 2021.

Clark County is suing the owners, saying they’re part of a scheme to get COVID-19 relief money. The county reports issuing nearly $330,000 of rent relief money for tenants, and county records refer to the property as dangerous with hazardous conditions.

The county is still giving the owners a chance to clean the place up. Residents tell 8 News Now they’re noticing some minor changes, including lighting being added, and some say they are seeing security a little more.

The I-Team tried talking with a manager last week.

Since then, signs have been posted throughout the property, stating “no cameras, no cell phones, no video.”
If residents who get seven-day notices file an answer and a hearing is set, ultimately a judge or hearing master would decide if an eviction will happen.