LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Looking at newly available data from Las Vegas Metro police, the 8 News Now I-Team found the most-reported crime across the Las Vegas valley is simple assault.

Whether it is a break-in at your home, a stolen car, or something much more heinous, crime affects all of us, no matter where we live.

8 News Now has launched a new online tool to help you better understand what crime is happening where you live. The map allows you to see recent homicides and burglaries from Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County.

MAP: Las Vegas Crime Mapping

“As leadership, we are constantly looking at how do we effectively deploy the officers that we have,” LVMPD Deputy Chief Nick Farese said. “We do that through data.”

In January, Metro launched an open data portal, allowing anyone to access event-specific data. The tool incorporates data consistent with the National Incident-Based Reporting System.

"Implemented to improve the overall quality of crime data collected by law enforcement, NIBRS captures details on each single crime incident -- as well as on separate offenses within the same incident -- including information on victims, known offenders, relationships between victims and offenders, arrestees, and property involved in crimes," the FBI said about the federal reporting standard.

That means if a person kills another person after a robbery, both crimes would be tied to the event, not just the most egregious. Before, the homicide would only be tied to the crime, not both.

Three-quarters of the 75 ZIP codes in Metro’s jurisdiction have simple assault as their top crime for 2021, the I-Team found. A little more than half of those simple assaults are domestic-violence related, Farese said.

Simple assaults were the most frequently reported crime in LVMPD's jurisdiction in 2021. (KLAS)

“Certain areas have been identified as traditional hot spots or high-crime areas,” Farese said. LVMPD does not break up the valley into ZIP codes. Instead, areas are broken up into area commands and sectors.

ZIP codes with higher violent crime attract criminals and their vices, Farese said, adding gangs and pimps often create their own problems.

“When you are living that lifestyle, you are going to be prone to becoming the victim of a crime and specifically, a violent crime,” he said.

89101, the area north of downtown Las Vegas and east of Interstate 15, had the most homicides in 2021. (KLAS)

“It's really difficult to catch every criminal,” UNLV law professor Frank Rudy Cooper said. Cooper studies crime and trends as director of the Program on Race, Gender, and Policing. “While it is certainly important to concentrate on the Strip, a lot of our crime is distributed not quite evenly, but distributed out into other areas.”

Cooper noted no area of the valley is free of crime, with the drug crisis fueling property crimes in the more-suburban ZIP codes. He suggests knowing what is happening around you and using the police-provided information as a tool.

89119, the area surrounding Harry Reid International Airport, had the most reported burglaries with 548 in 2021. (KLAS)

“The more information people have, the more they can lobby for having their needs met in various ways,” Cooper said. “In some parts of the community, that may be less policing of things like jaywalking, and more policing of actual burglaries.”

Crime year-to-date from 2021 to 2021 has increased by 3% in Metro’s jurisdiction, primarily led by a 15% rise in property crime. Robberies increased 27% year-to-date.

89115 in the far northeast Las Vegas valley saw the most aggravated assaults in LVMPD's jurisdiction in 2021. (KLAS)

Crimes against a person, like homicides, are down 4% year-over-year. While homicides have decreased by 11%, aggravated assaults are up 10%.

“It seems like a lot of people are on edge and have short fuses,” Farese said.

Farese said Metro is committed to solving crime and holding criminals accountable.

89109, home to the Las Vegas Strip, had the most reported sex offenses in 2021. (KLAS)

“These crimes are happening, they're occurring, but our officers are out there, our detectives are out there doing that relentless follow-up, and they are making arrests,” he said.

Farese suggested meeting with your local area command officers at Metro’s First Tuesday events. Henderson police and North Las Vegas police hold similar meet-and-greet sessions as well.

MAP: Las Vegas Crime Mapping

No. 1 reported crime by ZIP code

89002: Not enough data

89004: Not enough data

89005: Not enough data

89007: Simple assault

89011: Simple assault

89012: Sex offenses

89014: Simple assault

89015: Drug/narcotic violations

89018: Simple assault

89019: Simple assault

89021: Simple assault

89025: Simple assault

89027: Not enough data

89029: Simple assault

89030: Drug/narcotic violations

89031: Sex offenses

89032: Simple assault

89034: Not enough data

89039: Simple assault

89040: Simple assault

89044: Intimidation

89046: Simple assault

89052: Simple assault

89054: Not enough data

89074: Simple assault

89081: Simple assault

89084: Drug/narcotic violations

89085: Not enough data

89086: Not enough data

89087: Not enough data

89101: Simple assault

89102: Simple assault

89103: Simple assault

89104: Simple assault

89106: Simple assault

89107: Simple assault

89108: Simple assault

89109: Simple assault

89110: Simple assault

89113: Simple assault

89115: Simple assault

89117: Simple assault

89118: Simple assault

89119: Simple assault

89120: Simple assault

89121: Simple assault

89122: Simple assault

89123: Simple assault

89124: Theft from motor vehicle

89128: Simple assault

89129: Simple assault

89130: Simple assault

89131: Simple assault

89134: Burglary/breaking and entering

89135: Simple assault

89138: All other larceny

89139: Simple assault

89141: Simple assault

89142: Simple assault

89143: Simple assault

89144: Simple assault

89145: Simple assault

89146: Simple assault

89147: Simple assault

89148: Simple assault

89149: Simple assault

89156: Simple assault

89158: Simple assault

89161: Theft from motor vehicle

89165: Not enough data

89166: Simple assault

89169: Simple assault

89178: Simple assault

89179: Simple assault

89183: Simple assault

ZIP code with the most crime in each category

Aggravated assault: 89115 (425 reported incidents)

All other larceny: 89109 (2,221)

Animal cruelty: 89109 (13)

Arson: 89119 (22)

Assisting or promoting prostitution: 89109 (149)

Betting/wagering: 89029 (3)

Bribery: 89103 (1), 89109 (1)

Burglary/Breaking and entering: 89119 (548)

Counterfeiting: 89103 (61)

Credit card/ATM fraud: 89109 (201)

Destruction/damage/vandalism: 89119 (843)

Drug equipment violations: 89119 (424)

Drug/narcotics violations: 89119 (1,041)

Embezzlement: 89119 (200)

Extortion: 89119 (8)

False Pretenses/Swindle/Confidence Game: 89109 (194)

Gambling equipment violations: 89119 (1)

Hacking: 89118 (3), 89139 (3)

Identity Theft: 89119 (161)

Impersonation: 89109 (24)

Intimidation: 89109 (194)

Justifiable Homicide: 89104 (1), 89107 (1)

Motor Vehicle Theft: 89119 (675)

Murder: 89101 (17)

Negligent Manslaughter: 89110 (1), 89119 (1)

Pocket-picking: 89109 (42)

Pornography/obscene material: 89110 (6), 89119 (6), 89130 (6)

Prostitution: 89109 (686)

Purchasing prostitution: 89118 (14)

Purse-snatching: 89109 (37)

Robbery: 89119 (130)

Sex offenses: 89109 (183)

Shoplifting: 89109 (734)

Simple assault; 89109 (3,511)

Stolen property offenses: 89119 (159)

Theft from building: 89119 (142)

Theft from coin-operated machine: 89109 (7)

Theft from motor vehicle: 89109 (787)

Theft of motor vehicle: 89122 (237)

Weapons violations: 89119 (508)

Wire fraud: 89117 (2), 89119 (2)