NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (KLAS) — Drug Enforcement Administration agents point to text messages between several North Las Vegas firefighters, including a captain, as part of a claim that they exchanged drugs during a party last year before one of their wives overdosed and died.

The I-Team first reported the accusation Tuesday.

In July of this year, Henderson police arrested former North Las Vegas firefighter Christopher Candito, 33, in the February 2020 death of his wife, Tiffany Slatsky, 25. Investigators said Slatsky, the mother of a then 3-year-old boy, was found unresponsive at the couple’s Henderson apartment on Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020.

Police said Candito took a 23-mile trip from the Henderson apartment to a North Las Vegas fire station while his wife was experiencing overdose symptoms. He took the opioid-overdose antidote Narcan from the station and administered it to her, they said.

A grand jury indicted Candito on second-degree murder and burglary charges earlier this month. Investigators allege he provided the morphine pills, which police said killed her.

Slatsky’s parents said Wednesday that their daughter married Candito in August 2019, about six months before her death.

Tiffany Slatsky (Slatsky Family / KLAS)

“The community needs to know that OK, they go to these parties when they’re so-called off duty, but how do you know they’re not going to work the next day or the day after?” Tami Slatsky, Tiffany Slatsky’s mother, said Wednesday.

During the grand jury hearing, an investigator pointed to an Instagram post from Candito that promoted the tracksuit-themed party at the Golden Nugget.

The DEA investigator also showed the panel text messages between Candito and three other firefighters: Fire Capt. Nicholas Robison and firefighters Andrew Clapper and Andrew Stocker.

Christopher Candito’s City of North Las Vegas employee photo. (City of North Las Vegas / KLAS)

Before the party, police said there were numerous text messages and Venmo transactions between Candito and Clapper discussing the exchange of controlled substances such as oxycodone, oxycontin, an anabolic steroid called Trenbelone and morphine capsules, court documents said.

The DEA investigator also showed the court messages between Candito and Robison about exchanging drugs, and messages with Candito and Stocker about using drugs in a hotel room, court documents indicate.

In addition to Candito, Robison and Clapper are no longer employees with the North Las Vegas Fire Department, a spokesman confirmed Tuesday. Stocker was placed on administrative leave.

Text messages from Candito shown to the grand jury includes one where he mentions his wife.

“I’d just rather pay you and have enough for me and Tiffany at the end of the night,” it reads, according to court documents. “I got other goodies I’m bringing that I’ll hook you up with.”

“I’m probably gonna end up getting transported in the morning,” another said.

A DEA investigator included this Instagram post from Christopher Candito promoting the hotel room party. (KLAS)

“He wasn’t the one transported,” Tiffany Slatsky’s father, Marty Slatsky, said Wednesday. “It was our daughter that was transported, and she was pronounced dead at the hospital. I wish it were him that was transported, not her.”

“We’re honestly gonna need a drug room,” one message from Candito reads, according to the documents. “Robi and I bought so much [expletive] coke and molly it’s insane.”

Investigators said molly refers to powder ecstasy, which is also known as MDMA. Tiffany Slatsky had several drugs in her system when she died, including morphine, MDMA and caffeine, according to court documents.

“We have enough coke and molly to kill a pack of elephants,” another text from Candito said, according to court records.

“No, it just killed our daughter,” Tami Slatsky said in reaction to that message.

The Slatskys said their daughter may be alive had Candito driven to the nearest hospital less than a mile away from the young couple’s Henderson home.

“This is your wife that we’re talking about,” Tami Slatsky said. “I know if it were my husband, I would have taken him to the hospital, not drive 23 miles. That to me you’re just covering your own butt.”

As Henderson police and the DEA do their work, the family said they hope their tragedy prompts change.

“If our daughter did not die, would anybody even know about this right now, probably not?” Marty Slatsky said.

North Las Vegas employees are drug screened as a condition of employment, a city spokesman said. Drug testing during employment only occurs “if there is reasonable suspicion that a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty,” he said. Employees are also drug tested following an on-duty crash.

Random drug testing is also a condition of employment for employees who hold commercial driver’s licenses, per the U.S. Department of Transportation, he said.

State law prevents personnel records from being released.

Clapper, Robison nor Stocker are charged with a crime.