LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s longtime assistant and friend, Jennifer “Mimi” Pham, filed several creditor’s claims in court, asking his estate for more than $9 million, according to documents obtained by the I-Team.

The claims filed Wednesday ask the court for the money as part of management fees related to a documentary film company and a property in Park City, Utah. Pham said she is a “manager and a member of Mr. Taken, LLC,” a company which had a contract with one of Hsieh’s businesses.

The claim references an anticipated profit of $75 million, which the creditor writes she is owed 10%.

Court documents show another claim for the company Rove & Whim, LLC, lists its contractually obligated tasks as “project related services” and “personal assistance services,” including a $30,000 per day fee to retain its services.

Hsieh died in a house fire in November 2020 in Connecticut. He was 46.

In December, a judge named his father and brother as special administrators to his estate, since the entrepreneur did not have a will.

Two lawsuits filed in Clark County District Court claim Pham is entitled to some of his wealth and that Hsieh’s estate and companies he owned owe her money. The latest filing is a creditor’s claim.

In the two lawsuits filed in February, Pham claims she is owed some of Hsieh’s “vast fortune” for work she performed on his behalf, documents said. The lawsuits estimated Hsieh’s wealth at $840 million. According to the lawsuits, the duo was so close, Hsieh used Pham’s cell phone as his own. The lawsuits also claim Hsieh and Pham used the same address.

Lawyers for Pham did not return a request for comment. A spokesperson for Hsieh’s family declined to comment on the ongoing legal matters.