LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two teenagers accused of murdering one of their fathers had plans to run off to California, court documents obtained by the I-Team say.

Police found the body of Daniel Halseth, 45, in a west valley home on April 9. His 16-year-old daughter and her 18-year-old boyfriend, Aaron Guerrero, are accused of killing him and trying to cover up the crime near Durango and Westcliff drives, police said.

In Nevada, a teenager 16 and older is automatically charged as an adult. However, 8 News Now is not releasing the 16-year-old daughter’s name until she appears in court. As of Thursday, both she and Guerrero remain in Salt Lake City, where they were arrested Tuesday.

Detectives found Halseth’s body “almost fully burned,” according to Guerrero’s arrest report.

Guerrero and the 16-year-old girl had dated for several months last year and “were planning on running away together,” his arrest report said. Upon learning this, Guerrero’s parents and Halseth “agreed that their children should not see each other anymore and would cease talking to each other.”

Guerrero’s arrest report indicates he ran away from home early in the morning the day before Halseth’s death. That same day, Halseth’s ex-wife, with whom he shared several bank accounts, noticed hundreds of dollars had been removed. In all, police said $1,340 were taken from three bank accounts.

“Aaron had gone as far as finding a car for them to drive away in,” police wrote in his arrest report. “Their plan was to take all the money from their parent’s [sic] accounts and run away to Los Angeles.”

Aaron Guerrero (KLAS)

“Now that hopefully they are safe and sound, and they’re in the hands of the authorities at this point, but at least they’re not out there on their own and they’re both pretty young people,” Gabriel Grasso, an attorney for the Guerrero family, told the I-Team’s Vanessa Murphy earlier this week.

While searching the home on Friday, police said they found a bottle of lighter fluid, a chainsaw and a handsaw. Police wrote “an extensive cleanup was attempted” in the home’s kitchen, where they found two pocketknives, one of which had blood on it.

Detectives also said the teenagers purchased bleach, gloves and other items at two stores, and that they tried to dismember Halseth’s body.

Daniel Halseth (KLAS)

Halseth died from multiple stab wounds to his chest, neck and back, police wrote about the medical examiner’s findings.

Halseth’s family provided a statement to the I-Team, which reads, “Our family is heartbroken this has happened to Daniel. We love Daniel beyond words. He loved his children and was an amazing father. We ask for privacy and respect for the family at this time.”

Both Guerrero and the 16-year-old face a murder charge and are expected to be charged as adults. A hearing to extradite them from Utah to Las Vegas has not been set.