LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Videos and photos presented to a grand jury show one of the three suspects accused of shooting at people randomly on Thanksgiving Day yelling, “I am God,” as gunfire rang out, prosecutors say. The I-Team obtained the evidence.

Christopher McDonnell, 29, Shawn McDonnell, 31, and Kayleigh Lewis, 26, are charged with dozens of crimes, stemming from the shootings that spanned Nevada and Arizona. Each face more than 50 charges.

The trio is accused of driving around Henderson and randomly shooting at people, killing 22-year-old Kevin Mendiola Jr. at a 7-Eleven on Lake Mead Parkway. They then drove into Arizona, where there were additional shootings, including one involving a police officer. All three were arrested after their car rolled over.

A grand jury indicted the group on the charges, including nearly two dozen for attempted murder.

In one video shown to the grand jury, a nearby Ring camera captured the sound of gunshots coming from the 7-Eleven shootings, prosecutors said.

A camera at the 7-Eleven on Lake Mead Parkway captures Kayleigh Lewis and Christopher McDonnell entering the store, prosecutors say. (KLAS)

Several witnesses told police one of the suspects, believed to be Shawn, yelled “I am God,” while firing.

A woman who identified herself as Mendiola’s girlfriend said she was in her truck when a bullet shattered her windshield.

Christopher McDonnell, 29, Shawn McDonnell, 31, and Kayleigh Lewis, 26. (KLAS)

“I remember him yelling, ‘[expletive] you, I’m God and you’re not’ at least a couple of times,” she told the grand jury.

She told the grand jury she had been shot several times and that her boyfriend died protecting her.

“All I remember is that I look up, I hear the gunshots and, I look up, and Kevin’s not breathing anymore,” she told the grand jury.

Videos also shown in court show two suspects and several witnesses coming in and out of the store. One video records Christopher and Kayleigh entering the store minutes before the first shooting in the parking lot, prosecutors said. Witnesses said they could identify Christopher because of his distinct face tattoos.

Prosecutors also showed the grand jury dozens of photos of bullet holes in cars, shattered glass and victims’ injuries. In court documents, several witnesses said a black Toyota Camry slowed down or sped up to drive side-by-side with their cars. One witness told the grand jury a shooter was hanging out of the car.

If convicted, the trio faces up to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Their case will be submitted to the Death Penalty Assessment Committee for review.