LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Taxpayers will be on the hook after a former teacher with the Clark County School District was accused of abusing two students with special needs, and CCSD is accused of dropping the ball after school officials knew about the allegations.

It’s two settlements that add up to nearly $2 million.

It’s a story the I-Team first broke, bringing forward exclusive video from a police investigation and then surveillance video at the center of the cases.

Teacher Kasey Glass is seen in surveillance video at Kirk Adams Elementary School in 2017 with a student who has autism and is non-verbal. Lawyers for the child alleged abuse, saying she taunted him, withheld his food as punishment, which is against the law, and more.

On Thursday, the Clark County School Board approved a $1.2 million settlement for the child. Trustees also approved a $640,000 settlement for another child with special needs glass is accused of abusing.

“This was a very hard-fought lawsuit,” said attorney Todd Boley.

Boley is an attorney for both children and their families. He spoke to the I-Team via Facetime from California. He says the more than $1.8 million in settlement money isn’t just about this teacher and the allegations against her.

The lawsuit also alleges school officials knew about the allegations and failed to address them.

“We found a lot of very troubling facts about the way complaints are investigated and followed through on and whether or not employees are retrained or disciplined,” Boley said.

CCSD police did investigate.

Here’s what one witness said:

“Her student was like crawling on the floor. Her feet were basically on top of him like this and then he moved his head and she pushed him away.”

School police recommended charging Glass, but the Clark County District Attorney told the I-Team police did not provide additional requested information, so the case was closed. After the I-Team first reported on the allegations, a Department of Education spokesman said an investigation was opened. The result has not yet been revealed.

Glass resigned from CCSD and was then hired by the Nye County School District. The superintendent told the I-Team a background check was done.

Remember, Glass was never charged criminally.

The I-Team reached out to CCSD Friday, which provided this statement:

“The case has been settled. General reasons include an assessment of potential risks and benefits, and cost of litigation”

Boley says settlement money will be used to help both children move forward.