LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There is a shortage of Remdesivir in Nevada. It’s a story the I-Team first broke last month about the drug used to treat patients with COVID-19 who are hospitalized with respiratory issues.

We have new information on the State’s struggle to make sure patients here who need the drug get it.

A family member of a patient with the virus reached out to the I-Team, saying their loved one needed Remdesivir. It took calling the Pharmacy Board after seeing our story to facilitate getting the drug to the patient.

The Nevada Pharmacy Board is coordinating.

If one hospital needs it and another has it, they try to transport the drug to the patient immediately, but the Pharmacy Board needs to be contacted.

Here’s what President Donald Trump said about Remdesivir Monday:

“Last week, we distributed 2,979 cases of Remdesivir, which is proving to be extremely powerful and good enough to treat more than 19,000 patients, had great results. This includes 500 cases for Florida, 500 for Texas, 300 for California, 200 for Ohio and 150 for Arizona and Georgia, and those numbers will be going up rapidly as we move along.”

On Monday, the I-Team asked the executive secretary for the Nevada Pharmacy Board how many cases we are expected to get in the next shipment.

He told us: 19.

The State of Nevada has requested, in his words, “thousands and thousands.” The executive secretary also insists if a patient in Nevada needs Remdesivir, the patient will get it.

Again, it may just take some work.

After the I-Team first reported this information in July, a family member of another patient reached out, saying the patient needed the drug. Hospital staff at St. Rose said it wasn’t available.

In that case, we called the Pharmacy Board, and then the drug was delivered to the patient. We checked in with St. Rose again Tuesday, and a spokesman said all patients who need it are getting it.

As we’ve reported, a spokeswoman for Gov. Steve Sisolak told us on July 23, the Governor asked Vice President Mike Pence for an increase in the allotment of Remdesivir for Nevada.

But right now, it is unclear why shipments of the drug to our State are seemingly small. The I-Team has reached out to FEMA to get answers.