LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Dr. Travis Taylor is well known as one of the principal scientific investigators on the History Channel program The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. In this part of our interview, he describes the scope and intentions of the investigation, various UFOs and other phenomena he has personally witnessed,  the challenges of investigating phenomena that are seemingly under intelligent control, the validity of a spooky “hitchhiker effect.” 

A partial transcript of this 13-minute interview appears below. Watch the video for Taylor’s explanations of phenomena he witnessed at Skinwalker Ranch.

George Knapp: There has been so much discussion in public on Twitter, social media about whether Skinwalker is legit, whether it’s worth studying. The AAWSAP program was based in part on experiences that happened there, and a concern whether or not there are legitimate national security interests there. Is it just a mystery, a paranormal mystery? Or is it a national security matter?

Dr. Travis Tayor: Well, I can tell you this, George, and this is the part that really scares me the most is GPS signals over the ranch — and sometimes it stops at the fence line on the ranch, not just in the region — get jammed, and stop working. And even are spoofed to make vehicles think that they’re underneath the surface, and not where they are. And this could cause airplanes to crash. We’ve actually had drones crash, because of this many times. And these aren’t just little cheap drones, I’m talking $50,000 drones. And that is a dangerous thing. If someone has a technology that can do that, they could pick a region and make GPS quit functioning, then you’re gonna have airplanes that could crash, you could have automated drones that are going to crash, you could have vehicles that follow GPS systems. I mean, there’s so many things that could affect. And if it can do that to GPS, you can do that to other things. So this is a capability that’s happening as some kind of phenomenon that’s happening is that could potentially be a threat.

Knapp: Can you explain that? Is there the physics of the hitchhiker effect? I know people find that just too far out. You’ve experienced it yourself.

Taylor: Yeah. And, you know, we were always nervous about talking about the hitchhiker effect, because we might stimulate it. We don’t know what causes it. But could there be a physics explanation? Well, if it’s maybe functioning through quantum physics, there’s a possibility of quantum entanglement, that somehow whatever describes our consciousness, which is most likely a quantum phenomena gets entangled with whatever the phenomena is. And so wherever you go, you’re still connected to it. And that sounds hokey. It’s called the quantum measurement problem. A lot of scientists are, are studying it in great detail. And there’s been some Nobel Prize nominations for the for the topic. And so I think that could be an explanation, or at least somewhere in the ballpark.

Knapp: You’ve taken it home with you.

Taylor: Oh, I have seen some things and some things that my car has started and stopped itself. Sometimes it’ll the electronics way weird for no reason, and then they’ll be fine. I’ve actually had that happen once driving out of my driveway, my car just turned itself off. And I just happened to get out because I was wondering, just curiosity. And I thought, well, if I’m at the ranch, and we’ll get out, start looking around. So I got out of the car, and I looked up and there was an odd vortex in the clouds above my house. When this happened, I can’t explain that. I’m just saying those are correlated events. I don’t have any other data to go along with it. But that’s the weird piece of data. But when I got back in, the car cranked right up.

Knapp: You don’t want to give away the season that’s underway right now. But I mean, there are a lot of fairly dramatic things, experiments that you tried that did generate reactions.

Taylor: Yeah, we actually, we did multiple stimuli at a time this year. And sometimes we saw some very amazing things and got some very amazing footage and data simultaneously. You know, the things that have aired, we can talk about, you know, where we had telescopes that were the databases inside the telescopes were erased real time while we were watching them. And there’s no mechanism for that. If I want to do that, I don’t even know how to reverse engineer that phenomenon. And the same night we had a sphere fly over the ranch that was unmistakably an unidentified flying object, not just some aerial phenomena. And so that it was absolutely incredible.

Knapp: Where does it come from? And where did it go?

Taylor: That’s the very interesting question. You know, we had cameras going, but suddenly it’s just there and it’s flying on the ranch. It does a thing and then suddenly, it’s not there. So where did it go? Where did it come from? I don’t know.