LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro Police are still searching for clues in the shooting death of a woman on Interstate 15. Kamiah Bird, 37, is believed to have been shot about 12:20 a.m. Wednesday while driving south on the 15 by Flamingo.

The I-Team spoke with family and friends who don’t know why anyone would do this to her.

Bird’s friend says she had no enemies, and she loved her job as a casino dealer in Downtown Las Vegas. She had just been at his house Tuesday morning.

These are just a few reasons why he says this is so difficult to comprehend.

“They took one of the most beautiful souls on this earth too soon,” said Anthony Locascio. He says Bird was like a sister. “We would have been friends for the rest of our life.”

But Bird’s life was cut short early.

Metro Police say Bird may have been the victim of road rage on I-15. Initially, investigators thought she had a medical episode and crashed. But hours later at the scene, they realized she had been shot while driving home from work.

Lt. Ray Spencer asked for any witnesses to come forward, “who may have seen an altercation between the victim vehicle and another vehicle that lead up to the shooting.”

Locascio, who works on the Las Vegas Strip, says he heard about what happened from coworkers since the 15 was shutdown.

“You’re sitting there, and you’re praying for the person that was involved, not knowing that it was somebody so dear to my heart,” he lamented.

He describes Kamiah as a free spirit. Her nickname: Free Bird. And he’s holding onto memories like these.

“She was just kindhearted. She had a great soul, and she cared about a lot of people. I can’t even express how surprised I am that somebody would be so, so evil.”

Locascio says Bird lived in Las Vegas for about three years.

Family members and other friends shared their stories and their grief about her death with us. Thomas Castillo said:

She was a beautiful person inside and out. A hardworker and she loved her family and traditions.”

Thomas Castillo, family member

She was an absolutely amazing human being! She was very light spoken, and always so kind! I don’t think there is a time I ever saw this girl without a smile on her face, even during the times she was hurting! I cannot believe that anyone would want to hurt her, and therefore am thinking that obviously whoever did this to her knew nothing about her otherwise they would not have wanted to harm her!”

Desirae Wilcox, friend

A family member tells the I-Team she’s part of the Native American Spokane Tribe in Washington State. Her family and traditions were an important part of her life.

If you have any information about this unsolved homicide, call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.