LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada State Police still aren’t answering questions about a tragic accident nearly two weeks ago.

Metro Police Detective Justin Terry was killed after a beam collapsed on the car he was driving.

The 8 News Now I-Team obtained new documents which may help provide insight about what happened.

We’re trying to put the pieces together here about how this happened, and Nevada State Police is not providing answers.

However, we now have the permits for the company which owns the truck involved.

Detective Terry was driving near the centennial bowl project on the morning of June 10 when a tractor-trailer hit an early warning beam for a bridge up ahead. The beam collapsed on Terry’s car and he died at the scene.

The 8 News Now I-Team learned North Las Vegas-based Western States Contracting is responsible for that truck. According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, the company had 10 NDOT issued permits at the time of the accident. All of them were for a truck 15 feet high.

An NDOT spokesman said the beam is at least 15 feet high, so you can see how it didn’t make it under.

The permits also specify only one piece of freight is allowed when overweight is involved, a pilot car is required and there are also route restrictions.

Without additional information though, it is difficult to determine whether rules were violated.

8 News Now is also waiting to find out if Nevada State Police have determined whether the beam was properly secured.