LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas homeowner says he was seconds away from taking another man’s life after that man busted into his home. The alleged home invasion was caught on video.

The evening of March 22 started off peaceful for Stephen Castile.

“I was watching the Golden Knights, and I look at the clock, it’s 10 to eight,” he recalled.

But then, Castile heard a boom.

“I mean, it startled me,” he said.

While he was inside, his surveillance camera captured what was going on outside.

“I mean, I jumped,” he recounted, “I thought a car hit the house.”

And then, it happened again.

“When I heard the second boom, I grabbed the gun,” the homeowner said. “…I realized, someone’s kicking my front door in.”

The third time a boom sounded, “That’s when he kicked the door in.”

Castile says he was then face-to-face with the intruder.

“He was just starting right through me, like I wasn’t there,” he shared.

Castile went on to describe what happened next:

“I’m literally standing there like this, gun two inches from his head, screaming at him to please leave, begging him to leave. And … he just stood there, stood there looking at me, telling me ‘wait, wait.’ I told him, ‘I’m gonna count to three.’ When I said ‘one,’ he just stood there. When I said ‘two,’ I was shaking uncontrollably because I knew the next ‘three,’ I was gonna pull the trigger.”

That’s when Castile says the man left.

“I thought I was gonna have to kill the guy, and it’s a horrible feeling,” he said. “I didn’t want to kill him.”

Castile says Metro Police responded quickly.

According to the suspect’s arrest report, detectives linked him to a sober living facility less than a mile from Castile’s downtown Las Vegas home. A supervisor there said Tyler Melovidov hadn’t shown up for a few days. The day after the incident at Castile’s home, Melovidov was taken into custody on a home invasion charge.

The day after his arrest, court documents reveal he was granted bail.

“I’d like to see an ankle bracelet on him or be evaluated mentally,” said Castile, “something that I know he’s not gonna come back.”

According to the Las Vegas Justice Court record, Pro Tem Judge Justin Zarcone ordered that Melovidov could be released on his own recognizance with intensive supervision. He must stay out of trouble and stay away from Castile’s home.

“I wish they would be in that situation and see how they feel,” said Castile. “I want to see how they go to sleep at night.”

He tells the I-Team they gave Melovidov his address.

“Now, the sun goes down, I’m literally jumpy in my own home,” said Castile.

Detectives say when they asked why he busted into Castile’s home, Melovidov stated the voices in his head told him to be a daredevil.

“What about when the devil tells him to kill me?” Castile questioned.

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office objected to Melovidov being released on his own recognizance. Prosecutors point to a prior felony conviction and says he scored moderate on a risk assessment, not low.

The I-Team also reached out to the Las Vegas Justice Court. A spokeswoman says the court has no comment, regarding this case.