LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The 8 News NOW I-Team has an update to an exclusive story about allegations a teacher abused a special needs student. The I-Team has obtained video of the incident. It’s footage the Clark County School District refused to share due to “privacy issues.”

WARNING: The video is sensitive.

Attorneys for the child’s family obtained the video and filed it in court on Wednesday, so now it’s evidence at the center of the lawsuit.

Witness 1, Aide: “Her student was like crawling on the floor. Her feet were basically on top of him like this, and then he moved his head, and she pushed him away.”

Those words from a teacher’s aide who was explaining to Clark County School District Police what she saw happen between another teacher and student. The incident happened in March of 2017 at Kirk Adams Elementary School.

The teacher in question is Kasey Glass. On the video, she is seen entering the cafeteria with students before here interaction with the child at the center of the lawsuit, which is a child who has special needs. The child is autistic and non-verbal meaning he doesn’t speak.

The video shows the child getting up a little later, and that is when Glass appears to take his food away. Then the aide and Glass appear to take the rest of the food away.

The child then gets up again and they appear to restrain him. The time stamp on the video is 9 a.m.

Glass stays close and pushes the table where the child is sitting more than once; even pushing it with her foot. The video shows her doing these actions repeatedly as she continues to interact with the child who’s identity is being protected. It looks like she is taunting him. And then she puts a palm to his head.

Now the time stamp is at 9:03 a.m. and that is when Glass moves the table. The next thing you know, she is in an interaction with the child on the floor that lasted more than 30 seconds. Glass’ foot was involved, and more. Minutes later again, with a packed cafeteria, the child is on the ground, eventually crawling.

CCSDPD Officer: “How has she been in the past with their students?”
Witness 1, Aide: “I’ve made a complaint before about how I’ve seen her treat a student before.”

Below is how the aide described what happened:

Witness 2, Aide: “I had him on this side; I’m just trying, he’s trying to scratch me, but I have him, and I’m like calm down, cool down, so I’m not really trying to see what he’s trying to do with his other hands because she has it on the other side I wasn’t really paying attention.”
CCSDPD Officer: “Is that normal to take food away from a student that’s acting up?”
Witness 2, Aide: “Usually what she does is she takes it away, and she gives it back.”

Withholding food as punishment is an aversive intervention which is against the law.

CCSDPD Officer: “Is that video gonna show her doing everything professionally?”
Witness 2, Aide: “I sure hope so. Like I said, I was more focused on trying to get him off her and the rest of the other kids.”
CCSDPD Officer: “Is it gonna show you doing everything professionally?”
Witness 2, Aide: “Oh yeah.”

The Clark County School District Police recommended charging Glass and sent her case to the District Attorney. Steve Wolfson told the I-Team his office requested more information from school police and never received it so the case didn’t move forward and the records were destroyed per Clark County policy.

Glass resigned from CCSD, and according to state records, she still has a teaching license and is working with students with special needs at Floyd Elementary School in Nye county.

The I-Team reached out to the district Wednesday afternoon. They sent the following statement:

“The Nye County School District is the second-largest in the nation. Supt. Norton is 400 miles away up north in Duckwater for our School Board meeting this evening and has limited service. All of that to say, he asked me to respond to you ASAP as he understands you have a deadline to run your story. Ms. Glass is a teacher at Floyd Elementary School. She was hired for the 2017/2018 school year. We complete a background check on all Nye County School District employees. This is in addition to the screenings that the Nevada Department of Education completes for licensure.”

The aide in the video still works at CCSD as well. There is also a second lawsuit filed by another family against Kasey Glass and CCSD.