LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Video obtained by the I-Team shows the moments a man opened fire on the Las Vegas Strip. One person did not survive, two others were injured.

It happened in April and now the case against the alleged shooter is moving forward in court.

Witnesses say this started with a confrontation over a bathroom stall. It escalated quickly, and this is detailed throughout different videos.

There are many surveillance cameras on the Las Vegas Strip, and, of course, people recording with their cell phones.

The I-Team obtained eight videos presented to the grand jury showing how the shooting all unfolded in the early morning hours of April 25.

Malik Frost

Malik Frost is seen with a woman identified as his girlfriend, who is seen stumbling.

Another woman testified she was frustrated, and security became involved after Frost and his girlfriend took too long in a bathroom stall. She told her fiancée, Darrell White.

Outside, a confrontation ensued. People are seen backing up as Frost moved toward them.

Tensions continue to escalate, then the fight turns physical.

Metro police say this is when Frost shot White. The 26-year-old Las Vegas man was pronounced dead at the hospital.

At the scene, a security guard urged people nearby to stay inside.

William Malloy testified in front of the grand jury he throws a rock at Frost to be a hero. Frost is hit in the head, he turns and shoots again.

According to Malloy, he was hit six times and now uses a walker and wheelchair.

This witness then follows Frost and his girlfriend. Frost puts his hand on his gun again but does not shoot.

Frost’s girlfriend continues to stumble and then gets in the witness’s face.

Surveillance video shows police responding.  

Frost was then taken into custody.

He has been indicted on murder, attempted murder and battery charges.

That video continues to escalate, and turns physical but again, shortly after, Frost was arrested.

At this point, it appears no charges have been filed against Frost’s girlfriend.

Also, police say there is a third victim. He testified he was working at a nearby tattoo shop and a bullet fragment hit him, but he removed it and kept on working.