LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A 32-year-old man who provided pills that investigators said killed a 13-year-old Summerlin girl, and who also exchanged explicit photos with her, will serve prison time.

Marcas Crowley gave Daniella Young pills laced with fentanyl, police said. Young was an eighth-grade student at Sig Rogich Middle School.

In court Wednesday, Crowley accepted a plea deal on charges of voluntary manslaughter with the use of a deadly weapon, and sexually motivated coercion. As part of the deal, he avoids trial and faces 7-20 years in prison.

Young was discovered unresponsive in her bedroom on the morning of Oct. 13, police said. According to investigators, Young and Crowley had met in a park the night before.

Police found a blue powder on Young’s nightstand, which was consistent with other pressed pills found across the Las Vegas Valley. The pills contained the powerful illicit opioid.

Investigators said Crowley and Young messaged on Snapchat about buying and using drugs.

Daniella Young (KLAS)

A toxicology report found later that Young died of fentanyl toxicity.

Drug cartels are manufacturing illicit fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that is 50-to-100 times more potent than morphine, and combining it with other street drugs.

According to the DEA, just one pill can be lethal.

In 2020, 209 people in Clark County died from ingesting illicit fentanyl – just a few grains are enough to kill a person. Out of those 209 deaths, nine were children, the I-Team reported last year. The numbers are pending for 2021 as toxicology tests can take several months.

As part of their investigation, police applied for a search warrant to view Crowley’s Snapchat account. While the messages disappear for the user after they are viewed, Snapchat is able to keep a record of messages on its servers.

In a message from Sept. 5, Crowley messages Young saying, “Who need percs.” “Percs” means “Percocet” pills, police said.

File image of fentanyl pills with “M” and “30” in them. (KLAS)

Over the course of a month, Young and Crowley exchanged messages and photos on Snapchat. When he was arrested in early November, Crowley told investigators he thought Young was 17 years old.

Investigators found Crowley “messaged from his Snapchat 71 times” from August to October “asking if people needed percs” and other drugs, they said.

The day after Young’s death, records show Crowley attempted to contact her.

Marcas Crowley, 32, who provided pills that investigators said killed a 13-year-old Summerlin girl, and who also exchanged explicit photos with her, will serve prison time. (KLAS)

“Hey..? he wrote Young on Snapchat. “I’m concerned what’s up.”

Other messages followed: “Talk to me.” “Tell me what’s wrong.” “Please.” “Ouch.” “I don’t want to lose you. I’m sorry.”

Detectives later searched Crowley’s home, finding a photo on a camera of the young girl.

Prosecutors had attempted to indict Crowley on a charge of first-degree murder earlier this year, but the grand jury declined.

“If you’re supplying drugs to anybody including, and especially young people, and it causes their death, you’re going to be charged with murder,” Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said after the hearing. “We’re not going to tolerate drug dealers who provide killer drugs to teenagers, or for that matter, anybody.”

Crowley is scheduled to be sentenced on April 20.