LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man is accused of smearing raw bacon on a Muslim family’s home and car in what police are calling a hate crime, records say.

Police arrested Ricky Uwich on charges of harassment, stalking and being a nuisance, all based on a person’s perceived race, color, religion or national origin, according to his arrest report.

Uwich is accused of harassing the family, including two young children, since January, police say.

A victim told police they felt in fear of their safety due to Uwich’s behavior, which included yelling at their security cameras.

On June 19, Uwich “took a piece of bacon and wiped it on their door,” the report said. Uwich is accused of wiping the bacon on handrails, the doorknob and the wall.

On June 21, Uwich is accused of placing a piece of bacon on the family’s car.

The family told police they attempted to befriend Uwich several months ago, but he “was not happy with the efforts.”

An address for the incident was not provided.

Pork is forbidden in the Muslim religion.