LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A hip hop producer who admits he was a pimp in Las Vegas for 12 years could spend as little as one month in prison. The I-Team, who broke this story, obtained court records from the case against Jamal Rashid, also known as Mally Mall. The sentence specified in the plea deal is one to 33 months.

Rashid pleaded guilty to Use of an Interstate Facility in Aid of Unlawful Activity. According to court documents, the charge carries a maximum sentence of five years, a three-year period of supervised released and a fine of $250,000 or twice the gross gain or gross loss resulting from the offense. However, in Rashid’s plea deal, the lighter sentence is specified.

However, what wasn’t listed in the court documents was the names of his clients, how much money he made from pimping the women, and why the U.S. Attorney’s Office agreed to the plea deal for the long-time Las Vegas pimp.


“The system that is in place right now for survivors of trafficking or folks working in the adult industry is not on their side,” said Joy Hoover, the Cupcake Girls.

Hoover is the CEO and founder of the Cupcake Girls, a not for profit which assists and counsels sex workers and survivors of sex trafficking.

“It’s a dark industry,” said Karen Diers, Refuge For Women. “It’s left you with trauma that takes sometimes years to heal from.”

Diers is an advocate with Refuge For Women, a faith-based non-profit which also helps survivors of sex trafficking.

“It’s sad for me that a person can get away with what they’ve done; the years of abuse, the years of trauma, the years of inflicting this upon women,” Diers said.

Rashid’s court appearance Monday was kept a secret. Court records reveal he admitted his escort services in Clark County from 2002 to 2014 were fronts for a prostitution business, he paid airfare to fly prostitutes to clients, and he advertised sex for sale on websites like Backpage.

A total of seven victims are listed. Angela Williams told the I-Team earlier this year she’s one of them.

“I might not have had love for myself, but I had love for my family so I was able to kind of say enough was enough and pray about it and completely cut ties with him,” Williams said.

Rashid posted a message on Instagram Monday that read, “It’s all public so they can’t lie on my name!” No excuses just going 2 learn to become a better human being every day.”

“I think if you are literally taking someone’s life and taking control of it and sellling them and receiving all the profits and they are traumatized from that in any case, I don’t think there is a largest sentence big enough for these individuals that are doing this,” Joy Hoover said.

The FBI has been investigating allegations of police corruption within Metro’s Vice Unit, along with whether former vice cops were working with Rashid.

As the I-Team reported Monday, the U.S. Attorney says no one else will be charged, and the case is closed. Rashid’s sentencing is set for January.