LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Landlords at a problem apartment complex got another chance to fix the property on Thursday.

A judge gave the owners of the Apex Apartments 14 days to fix issues with the property. She said that while she doesn’t want to allow them to continue to operate illegally, she also doesn’t want to displace the 80 people who are living there.

“I’ve got two small kids, a fiancée, and like I’ve told the management and the owner since I’ve had interactions with them, I just want you to fix it,” said resident Travis Smith.

Smith said he’s lived at the Apex Apartments on Twain Avenue and Cambridge Street since 2014.

In January of 2021, California-based Pro-Residential Services bought the property, and since then, according to tenants and Clark County, it’s become run down and crime-ridden.

Four people have been killed at the apartment complex in this past year.

In a previously filed court document, the county asked the court to shut the place down. The county reported issuing nearly $330,000 in COVID-19 rental relief money to help tenants, along with spending money to repeatedly board up units after squatters broke in, and consistent use of police resources.

“I’m certainly not going to be the judge that sits up here and doesn’t do anything about that,” said Clark County District Court Judge Jessica Peterson.

Judge Peterson is prohibiting any new leases at the property and required 24/7 security, a licensed contractor to make a list of necessary repairs, and two people to monitor the property for fires because the alarm is not currently working.

“Do you feel safe?” 8 News Now’s Vanessa Murphy asked Smith.

“No, when it comes to fire, no, that building is old,” he replied.

“There’s a lot of people with kids who have nowhere to go,” Smith continued.

But now, a county attorney said both sides are trying to come to an agreement.

When the I-Team visited the property on Thursday, there was security and work being done on the property.

8 News Now tried speaking with an attorney representing the Apex Apartments owners, who declined to comment.