LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man already registered as a sex offender is accused of sexually assaulting a child, and the 8 News Now I-Team has uncovered multiple warning signs.

Willie Collins was considered high risk five months ago. But still, a judge made a decision to allow him to walk the streets. Now, police say he sexually assaulted a child walking to school.

Collins made his first court appearance Friday, a day after he was taken into custody, accused of sexually assaulting a boy.

“How you doing, judge. Good morning,” Collins said in court.

Police describe Thursday’s incident.

“Mr. Collins approached the male, our victim, and simulated that he had a firearm and said he would kill the victim if he did not comply with his request,” said Lt. Jason Johansson of Metro’s Sex Crimes Section. “He then directed the victim to a back alley located on the north side of Tonopah.”

This isn’t the first time Collins has been in court. In fact, police say he was wearing an ankle monitor. He was accused of robbery in September.

A pre-trial risk assessment is aimed at preparing judges with information they need as they decide whether to grant bail.

The risk assessment for Collins indicated he is high risk and a flight risk.

In court documents, 15 previous arrests are noted and that Collins was homeless but could stay with a friend.

Still, North Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Kalani Hoo set his bail at $1,500 and house arrest, giving him the freedom to walk out of jail.

Collins is also a registered sex offender for a sex crime against children dating back to 2017. Police say at least one of those victims had special needs.

On Friday, a prosecutor referred to an additional pending case. Collins is accused of having sex with another inmate — just part of Collins’ lengthy criminal history.

“Thirteen prior and misdemeanor convictions, 10 prior failures to appear,” Collins said.

His next court date is set for March 1. In the meantime, he will remain in custody.

“I just wanted to say thank you, judge, thank you DA, thank you, my public defender. Thank you, everybody here and I love y’all,” Collins said.

A prosecutor says Collins said he attacked the child because he was white, which will likely lead to a hate crime charge.

Right now, Collins faces 12 charges in connection with the alleged attack including sexual assault, kidnapping, battery and more.