LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Radio transmission recorded as Nevada Highway Patrol units converged on a carjacking suspect, who later hit and severely injured a trooper, portrays a hectic scene, as they tried to stop the driver and save one of their own.

The I-Team obtained the audio, which spans more than 40 minutes from when pursuit of the suspect began to when the trooper was airlifted in a Metro helicopter to the hospital.

As 8 News Now first reported, Trooper Micah May was laying down spike strips when the suspect, first identified as a female but later confirmed to be a man, hit him, sending May through the windshield and into the car.

I-Team sources identified the suspect as 60-year-old Douglas Claiborne.

In the audio, troopers refer to the suspect as a woman, though the I-Team has confirmed a man died at the scene.

The transcript is as follows:

112, She just hit a trooper. Start medical. 95 and 15.

113, He was hit! 203 was hit, and I don’t know where he is! Southbound, units.

He’s on the car!

He’s on the car. He’s on the [expletive] pursuing car!

We have a trooper that’s been hit! He’s on the vehicle still! Southbound, on the 15 passing Sahara.

You stop that car. Every unit get in front of that car!

— I authorize —

Can we block her? Can we block her?

— copy authorize ramming the vehicle.

Box her in! Box her in! Box her in!

136, Start medical this way.

— medical’s in route.

He’s inside the car!

Box her in! Box her in!

Hit her!

Ram that vehicle!

— take her out.

Where is our trooper at?

271, We’re stopped 15 south between Sahara and Fremont.

— I copy you’re stopped between Sahara and Fremont.

Shots fired. Shots fired. 203 is in the vehicle.

As the I-Team reported first Tuesday, Claiborne was killed when officers fired multiple shots, believing he was reaching for a weapon after troopers had spun the car and brought it to a stop.

A Wednesday news release indicates Metro is conducting an investigation into the officer-involved shooting, and updates will be provided after the conclusion of the investigation.

NHP Trooper Micah May. (Nevada Highway Patrol)

The audio indicates the pursuit began more than a half-hour before the incident on the highway. The pursuit began in North Las Vegas and covered about 20 miles before it ended on I-15.

May, 46, is a husband and father of two, according to an NHP statement. His family is appreciative of the supportive messages they’ve received and the other law enforcement members who are waiting outside the hospital.

The Injured Police Officer Fund (IPOF) is establishing a fund to assist Trooper May’s family. Donations can be made through www.IPOF.Vegas or checks can be mailed to:


Donations can also be made directly to: Lexicon Bank Acct # 1601038 330 S Rampart Blvd Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89145. For more information on the IPOF, please call 702-380-2840 or visit our website www.IPOF.Vegas.