LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Metro Police Department cold case detectives are examining a gun that was recovered at Lake Mead on Thursday.

The 8 News Now I-Team has learned that the gun was found by journalists from Sweden about 100 yards from the same location where a body was found in a barrel on May 1st near Hemenway Harbor.

Emelie Svensson, who is a reporter with Aftonbladet, said she and her colleague found the weapon that was once hidden underwater. 

“Sort of a rush, of course, to see that we had found a gun,” Svensson told 8 News Now. “We sort of stumbled across the contours of a gun, and it was sort of buried in the sand.”

There is no confirmation that the gun is connected to the body found in a barrel, but police are not ruling that out.

The LVMPD and the National Park Service responded to the area after the discovery.

The Clark County Coroner’s office previously announced that the victim was a male who died from a gunshot wound, and the manner of death was a homicide.

This is just the latest of many recent, unusual discoveries made on the shores of the receding reservoir, and the question keeps coming back: is there a connection to organized crime?

Geoff Schumacher, Vice President of Exhibits and Programs at The Mob Museum, said the Mafia wasn’t known to dump weapons in Lake Mead decades ago, but anything is possible. 

“There could be many guns in the bottom of Lake Mead,” Schumacher speculated. “It just has never been a story before, because the lake has never been this shallow.”

Melanie Dennon, a Dive Master with Mana Scuba also weighed in, as she told 8 News Now her team has never spotted a weapon underwater. However, she said as a severe drought continues to take hold, the lake could be hiding a lot more. 

“The bottom of Lake Mead is really soft,” Dennon explained. “There is a lot of mud and silt, so things will sink down into the mud and you can’t even see it.”

While Svensson came to Las Vegas to tell a story that she is now a part of, this find made her wonder if we have even really scratched the surface.

“We’ll see what other secrets Lake Mead holds,” Svensson concluded.