LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Christopher Prestipino remains out on bail as he’s accused of killing a Las Vegas woman. A flier to warn residents he is out in the community has been circulating on social media and in Henderson, where some members of the public believe he is residing.

The I-Team obtained court records that reveal more about two women police say are connected to the Esmeralda Gonzalez murder case.

The records reveal detectives were listening to phone conversations, obtained phone records and even secured an order for a wiretap for two phones during this investigation. Police were onto the suspects well before they knew.

The I-Team obtained one of the recordings, which plays as follows:

Defendant Lisa Mort: “I got a visit today.”

Defendant Christopher Prestipino: “From who?”

Mort: “Who do you think? I think you should go.”

Prestipino: “Wait, what?”

Mort: “I think you should go.”

This was Lisa Mort talking to her boyfriend Christopher Prestipino after Metro Police detectives came to talk to her while she was in custody in a Las Vegas jail on drug charges in September. They asked whether she knew anything about the disappearance of Gonzalez. Court records revealed she said she didn’t and then called Prestipino.

Prestipino: “Who did you get a visit from?”

Mort: “Go, baby, go. That’s all I have to say.”

Prestipino: “Alright, I’ll talk to you.”

In May, Gonzalez, an Instagram model who had attended UNLV and worked in the adult industry, was reported missing.

In July, police said they received a tip about her murder and accused killers, Prestipino and Casandra Garrett.

In October, detectives say Garrett led them to the desert, where they found Gonzalez’s body in a concrete structure.

Garrett told police Gonzalez was brought to Prestipino’s home by another man. She said she, Prestipino and Gonzalez went to an adult sex store, did meth and eventually, Gonzalez was tied up. After she threatened to call police, Garrett said Prestipino hit the woman, they injected her with a chemical and killed her.

Garrett and Prestipino were indicted for the murder. Mort is accused of being an accessory to murder. After her phone call, police say Prestipino rented a hotel room and left for Belize.

Mort: “I love you.”

Prestipino: “Love you, too. Get a hold of me, okay? Love you, bye.”

Mort: “I love you, bye.”

Prestipino is out on a $500,000 bond, a move made by the court which police disagree with. He already left the country before his arrest.

While he’s the accused mastermind, both women are in jail. Police said Garrett told them Gonzalez didn’t deserve to die.

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