LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man accused of dismembering his acquaintance was caught on video buying a saw and trash bags weeks before police made the gruesome discovery, documents obtained Tuesday by the 8 News Now I-Team said.

Photos and videos presented to the grand jury in Eric Holland’s case are shocking and disturbing. Holland, 58, is accused of murdering Richard Miller, 65, who was reported missing in November. Miller lived on a houseboat on Lake Mead, police said.

The grand jury indicted Holland on murder and theft charges earlier this month.

Eric Holland (KLAS)

During an examination of his body, the medical examiner discovered Miller had several gunshot wounds, including at least one to his head, documents said. Investigators believe Holland and Miller got into an altercation in mid-November, leading to Miller’s death. Police discovered Miller’s remains on Dec. 23.

As part of their investigation, officials with the National Park Service said they spoke to a man they knew as Bryan Long. Long was actually Holland using an alias, they said. Evidence presented to the grand jury included an Oklahoma license with Holland’s photo and the name Bryan Long.

Eric Holland, 58, is accused of murdering Richard Miller, 65, who was reported missing in November. Miller lived on a houseboat on Lake Mead, police said. (KLAS)

A friend of Miller’s told the grand jury he had spoken to Holland – known to the friend as Long – about Miller’s disappearance. Holland reportedly told the friend he had gotten in a fight with Miller. The friend also told the grand jury he had seen Holland in a variety of vehicles, including a Toyota Tundra and a Chevy Avalanche, records said.

On Nov. 23, a surveillance camera at Home Depot near Decatur Boulevard and Flamingo Road captured Holland buying a reciprocating saw and trash bags, police said.

Evidence, including coolers and trash bags, in the murder case against Eric Holland. (KLAS)

According to court documents, investigators found the saw and those bags, with pieces of Miller in them, in the back and in the open tailgate of the truck Holland was driving at the time of his arrest.

As the I-Team first reported, Las Vegas Metro police discovered the body parts after Holland ran from a traffic stop.

Evidence, including coolers and trash bags, in the murder case against Eric Holland. (KLAS)

Officers attempted to conduct the stop on the Toyota Tundra that Holland was driving near Tropicana Avenue and Duneville Street. The air unit followed the truck into the garage of the Rio hotel.

“The vehicle proceeds to navigate through the parking garage up a few floors,” an investigator told the grand jury about the first truck. “The person appears to kind of be driving around erratic if you will for lack of better terms, as you can see.”

An Oklahoma license included in the evidence shown to the grand jury with the name “Bryan Keith Long.” (KLAS)

The video then shows a man, later identified as Holland, and a dog, get out of the truck and proceed to another truck, a Chevy Avalanche, which was parked in the garage. Several minutes later, the second truck leaves the garage.

“It appeared the person who got out of the Tundra already had knowledge of the Chevy Avalanche being parked where it was,” an investigator told the grand jury. “We just watched him get out of the Toyota Tundra and walk directly to the Avalanche so I wanted to know when the Avalanche was originally parked and who parked it.”

Eric Holland after police took him into custody. (KLAS)

During the investigation, officers determined both trucks had been previously reported stolen. They believe the Avalanche was parked at the Rio two days before.

Officers posted outside the garage attempted to stop Holland a second time, but instead, he drove to an apartment complex in the 4200 block of West Rochelle Avenue.

Investigators say video shows Eric Holland buying a saw and trash bags at a Las Vegas Home Depot. (KLAS)

Once he got out of the truck, Holland refused to stop for officers, leading them to tase him, they said. As officers performed an inventory of the truck, which is standard protocol when Metro police are impounding a vehicle, they found Miller’s severed head, they said.

“What I saw was a small body bag that had garbage bags in it,” a crime scene analyst testified. “Inside of those were two hands, two arms, two feet and a head. In the smaller cooler were two bags, both double bagged, each containing a leg, and… in the larger cooler in that moving blanket was a torso.”

Investigators said video shows Eric Holland (left) getting into a Chevy Avalanche previously parked inside the garage at the Rio hotel. (KLAS)

In court in January, Holland’s attorney said his client would not lead police on a chase had he known what was in the truck. Grand jury transcripts indicate police matched Holland’s fingerprints to the items discovered in the truck, which had been purchased at Home Depot.

Records show a warrant was issued for Holland for theft, embezzlement of a motor vehicle, and other unrelated charges in 2019.

Holland remained jailed Tuesday without bail.