LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A registered sex offender is accused of committing sex crimes against children again. 

Damian Amalfitano, 47, faces 17 felony counts including lewdness with a minor, sexual assault against a child, and six charges related to recording sexual assaults against a child.   

“He’s facing, as it stands, two counts of 35 to life. One of which is on video. Both of which he admitted to,” Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jake Villani said in court Wednesday.

Amalfitano was seen on video committing sex crimes against a two-year-old relative. Villani added that there are two other victims, one who is three or four years old, and the other who is six to seven years old.  

Villani asked Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Diana L. Sullivan to set Amalfitano’s bail at $2 million. Judge Sullivan set bail at $1 million. 

“He is a substantial flight risk. He has nothing keeping him here except a life sentence if convicted,” Judge Sullivan said. She also pointed out that while Amalfitano has a job, he likely will not have the financial means to post bond. 

Mugshot of convicted sex offender Damian Amalfitano taken in September 2021. (NV Public Sex Offender Registry)

“That is primarily to protect the community,” she said.

Amalfitano said in court that he was released from prison in 2015. 

In 2007, he was arrested for molesting a 13-year-old girl. Investigators also said that they found sexual images of children on his computer. 

Amalfitano was a Metro police officer who had been with the department for six years at the time of his 2007 arrest. He was immediately relieved of duty. 

The father of the victim spoke to 8 News Now on the condition of anonymity after the arrest. 

“I told her that if she ever had any troubles or something ever happened to her, to go to a Metro cop,” he said. 

Amalfitano was initially placed on probation, violated it, and was sent to prison.

Judge Sullivan pointed out that a risk assessment for Amalfitano had flaws, because for example, it noted that he appeared to stay out of trouble for a time period which included his prison time. 

Judge Sullivan ordered that if Amalfitano does end up posting bond, he must be on high-level electronic monitoring, he is prohibited from being around children, and he is to only use a phone to communicate with his house arrest officer and his attorney. 

To view Nevada’s sex offender registry, visit this link.