LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The 8 News Now I-Team has been looking into alleged voter fraud across Nevada. One woman said she went to vote — only to be told she already had voted.

The I-Team profiled Jill Stokke during our six o’clock newscast on Monday. Stokke says she’s legally blind and needs assistance with voting. She showed the I-Team the device she uses to help her see.

However, Stokke says she was told she had already voted when she went to vote early.

She was told her mail-in ballot was sent in, and her signature matched. But Stokke is adamant that she did not vote. She believes her ballot was stolen.

The Clark County Registrar, Joe Gloria, did not go as far as to say Stokke is lying, but he did say in their mind, she did vote.

“I personally met with Ms. Stokke. She brought her claim to me, we reviewed the ballot, and in our opinion, it’s her signature,” Gloria said. “We also gave her an opportunity to provide a statement if she wanted to object to that and provide a challenge to that. She refused to do so. A member of the Secretary of State’s Office investigation team also interviewed her, and they had no issue with the assistance that we tried to give her. I have nothing else to comment on that, next question.”

In Thursday’s news conference, Stokke mentioned Channel 8, saying our I-Team Reporter David Charns told her we had received emails and calls about voting inconsistencies.

Charns said he told Stokke when he interviewed her, and the I-Team has repeatedly reported that voter fraud is extremely rare, and their sources tell them there is no widespread coordinated effort of voter fraud that they are aware of.